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CIF-SS Division 2 FINALS: The Mustang Girls finished 11th overall, and the Boys 26th, big improvements over the 2015 CIF placements of 36th and 35th, respectively! Three recent (~24-hrs old!) MCHS Record were broken in the Finals with drops by Alex Crisera in the 100 Free and the Girls (Farrell/Kuehler/K. Barnhill/Crisera) and Boys (Campbell/Woicik/Bathurst/White) 4x100 Free Relays, but the big news of the day was Matt Woicik's NEW record in the 500 Free, besting a time dating from 1981! 

The first Costa swimmer in the water was Kai Bathurst in the consol final of the 200 IM, where he maintained his position at 17th place. Alex Crisera dropped her prelim time by over half a second to claim 3rd in the Championship final of the 100 Free at a speed automatically qualifying her for All American recognition and improving upon her Costa team record! Lauren Nielsen improved her placement in the consol final of the 500 Free for a 16th place finish. Matt Woicik also improved his place in the 500 Free Championship final with a 3.34-second drop, claiming 6th place in the event along with the Costa record! Next the Girls 200 Free Relay team of Crisera/Katie Barnhill/Sophie Kuehler/Riley Farrell came in at 5th in the Championship final, while the Boys team of Ian Campbell/Nate Griffith/Andrew White/Bathurst claimed 17th overall. Alex Crisera maintained her 3rd place spot in the Championship final of the 100 Back, not quite equaling her All American time of prelims, as did Kai Bathurst with 18th place in the 100 Back consol final. Riley Farrell tied for 14th in the consol final of the 100 Breast. Big finishes were in store for both 4x 100 Relay teams, with the Girls landing 8th in the Championship and the Boys winning the consols to come in at 10th, both in Costa record times!

The Boys 4x100y Free Relay team broke a MCHS team record from 1977!! Andrew White, Kai Bathurst, Ian Campbell and Matt Woicik--all smiles! Alex Crisera launching for a personal best and MCHS record in the 100 Back. The Girls 4x100y relay of Katie Barnhill, Riley Farrell and Sophie Kuehler cheer on Alex Crisera for a new MCHS record!

CIF-SS Division 2 PRELIMS: Excellent racing in Riverside today, with SEVEN MCHS Records broken (and likely improved upon tomorrow in the Finals!) and all-around impressive swimming by our squad! The Championship format typically features four heats, or the top 36 athletes/teams in each event in prelims. Finals will include two heats of each event, or the top 18 according to the swims in prelims; these heats are designated as a “consolation” or “B” final consisting of the 10th to 18th place athletes from prelims, and a “championship” or “A” final consisting of the top 9. Best times of the season will be indicated by asterisk (*).

Costa Championship Finalists are Alex Crisera* (5th 100 Free and 3rd 100 Back, breaking her own MCHS team records in both events!) Matt Woicik* (500 Free), and the Girls relay teams of Crisera/Katie Barnhill/Sophie Kuehler/Riley Farrell* (200 Free, new MCHS record!) and Farrell/Kuehler/K. Barnhill/Crisera* (400 Free, new MCHS record!); Crisera also broke the 2006 50 Free MCHS record in her lead-off split of the 200 Free Relay!

Consolation Finalists representing the Mustangs will appear in the 200 IM (Kai Bathurst* 17th), 500 Free (Lauren Nielsen*, 18th), 100 Back (Bathurst* 18th, reclaiming his 100 Back MCHS record!), 100 Breast (Riley Farrell* 15th), and the Boys relay teams in the 200 Free (13th, Colin Le/Ian Campbell/Andrew White/Bathurst*) and 400 Free (13th, Campbell/Woicik/Bathurst/White*, breaking a 39-year-old MCHS team record!).
Mira Costa swimmers also appeared in the Girls 200 Medley Relay (34th Grace Barnhill/Yen Nguyen/Shannon O’Brien/Mona Stone), the 200 Free (23rd Nikki Cooper* and 20th/2nd alternate Matt Woicik*), the 200 IM (19th/1st alternate K. Barnhill* and 22nd Farrell), the 50 Free (27th Kuehler), the 100 Fly (27th Campbell), the 100 Free (29th Kuehler and 21st Campbell*), the 500 Free (21st Cooper*), and the 100 Back (20th/2nd alternate K. Barnhill*, 32nd Shannon O’Brien*, and 23rd Andrew White). Note many best times swum today, and all our athletes can be proud of their performance in this elite company. This meet has gotten substantially faster in the past few years!

Bay League FINALS: Many strong swims contributed to the success of the Mustangs this season! Special CONGRATS to swimmers setting new League Records–Jasmine Wu (FS Girls 50 Fly) and the Varsity Girls 200 Free Relay of Riley Farrell/Katie Barnhill/Lauren Nielsen/Sophie Kuehler! In addition, Andrew White set a new MCHS Varsity Boys 100 Back record!

Frosh/Soph Girls and Boys performed extremely well, with commanding leads over the three other schools. First place finishers included Megan Benz and Liam Cook (200 Free), Jasmine Wu and Patrick Lucas (IM), Devon Hagstrom (50 Free), Jasmine Wu and Diego Almendariz (Fly), Joshua Terry (100 Free), Isabelle Chiu and Alex Nahabed (Breast), and the relay teams of Wu/Benz/Charlotte Samuels/Sammy Wergeles and Alex Nahabed/Cook/Terry/Hagstrom (200 Free) and Wu/Katherine Harada Alcantara/Benz/Wergeles and Hagstrom/Lucas/Cook/Terry. Many best times recorded among the FS swimmers, including Jasmine Wu (100 IM, 50 Fly), Sammy Wergeles (50, 100 Free), Joshua Terry (100 Free), AJ Slater (200 Free), Charlotte Samuels (50, 100 Free), Jasmine Noh (50 Back, 50 Breast), Alex Nahabed (100 Breast), Brianna Manyweather (50 Fly), Patrick Lucas (200 IM, 100 Breast), Katherine Harada Alcantara (100 IM), Devon Hagstrom (50, 100 Free), Liam Cook (50, 200 Free), Kalea Conrad (200 Free), Dane Colmery (200 IM), Ashley Cole (50 Fly), Isabelle Chiu (100 IM, 50 Breast), Megan Benz (100, 200 Free), Mallie Axelrad (50 Free, 50 Back), Natasha Anders (50 Free, 50 Back), and Diego Almendariz (200 IM, 100 Fly).

The performance in Varsity was solid this year! In 2015 Costa won two individual events, with Lauren Nielsen taking the 500 Free and Ed Jeon in the 100 Breast. This year that number tripled, with Riley Farrell taking the 200 IM and 100 Breast, Colin Le with an impressive 50 Free, Lauren Nielsen repeating in the 500 Free, and seniors Ian Campbell and Matt Woicik claiming the 100 and 500, respectively. Costa Girls had an 85 point lead over #2 Peninsula; Costa Boys put up an strong fight, but ended up 33 points shy of #1 Peninsula—no doubt making their coach nervous about next year! Our 200 Free Relays both took first, with the teams of Farrell/Katie Barnhill/Nielsen/Sophie Kuehler and Le/A. White/Campbell/Kai Bathurst, and the Boys 400 Relay of Campbell/Woicik/A. White/Bathurst strung together a strong performance to claim first with a CIF AUTO cut and 3.5 s drop in time. Best times and new/improved CIF cuts occurred throughout the meet, with Seniors in bold: Matt Woicik (200 Free CON), Spencer White (50, 100 Free), Andrew White (200 Free CON, 100 Back AUTO and MCHS Team Record!!), Mark Warnecke (200 Free CON), Ella Trodd (200 CON, 500 Free CON), Mona Stone (50, 100 Free), Alex Schafirovitch (500 Free), Finn Pardon (200 Free), Lauren Nielsen (200 Free CON), Macy McKeegan (100 Back), Camille Lyter (200 IM, 500 Free), Bryce Lyter (100 Breast), Alex Luo (100 Fly), Colin Le (50 CON, 100 Free), Sophie Kuehler (50 CON, 100 Free CON), Jack Kittay (100 Breast), Sean Keegan (500 Free), Nate Griffith (50, 100 Free CON), Danielle Gonzales (100 Fly), Annika Gilboy (100 Free), Riley Farrell (200 IM AUTO), Jack Decker (500 Free), Peter DaGiau (100 Fly), Nikki Cooper (200 CON, 500 Free CON), Ian Campbell (100 Free AUTO), Kai Bathurst (200 IM AUTO), Katie Barnhill (100 Fly CON, 100 Back AUTO), Grace Barnhill (50 Free, 100 Back CON), Sydney Avery (100 Back), and Henry Anthony (200 IM).

Congratulations to our CIF athletes in individual events!

Katie Barnhill––200 IM, 100 Back
Kai Bathurst––200 IM, 100 Back
Ian Campbell––100 Fly, 100 Free
Nikki Cooper––200 Free, 500 Free
Alex Crisera––100 Free, 100 Back
Riley Farrell––200 IM, 100 Breast
Sophie Kuehler––50 Free, 100 Free
Colin Le––50 Free ALTERNATE
Lauren Nielsen––200 Free, 500 Free
Shannon O’Brien––100 Back
Paige Richardson––Diving
Andrew White––100 Back
Matt Woicik––200 Free, 500 Free

Five relay teams will compete: Girls 200 Medley, Girls/Boys 200 Free, Girls/Boys 400 Free
Relays will be comprised of swimmers listed above plus the following athletes (eight per relay, including four alternates per team): Grace Barnhill, Nate Griffith, Devon Hagstrom, Jack Kittay, Yen Nguyen, Mona Stone, Ella Trodd, Mark Warnecke and Jasmine Wu

CIF 2016: Overall, the trend of increasing speed is continuing in Division 2! In 2015 Costa sent eight individual competitors and six relays; this year our total is 12 individual athletes plus one alternate and five relays. A team of 21 Mustang swimmers is anticipated. Check out the D2 Psych sheet (posted above) to see our rankings going in!

Bay Leagues PRELIMS: Nice swimming today! Individual events only were swum in prelims, reserving all relays for Thursday's finals. Below is a preview of who will be back in the water on Thursday scoring points for Costa; * denotes improvement upon seed time:

FS—top 8 return for finals out of maximum 16 swimmers in prelims. Girls; Boys listed
200 Free: Benz; Cook, Slater*, Levin
IM: Wu, Harada Alcantara*, Chiu*; Lucas*, Almendariz*, Hoye
50 Free: Wergeles, Samuels*, Axelrad*; Nahabed, Hagstrom, Cook*, Nelson
Fly: Wu*, Manyweather*, Harada Alcantara, Cole; Almendariz, Noddings, Hoye
100 Free: Wergeles*, Benz, Samuels*; Terry, Hagstrom, Nelson
Back: Axelrad, Anders*; Slater, Terry, Levin
Breast: Chiu, U. Nguyen; Nahabed*, Lucas*

Varsity—top 16 return out of max 16 swimmers for Consolation (B) and Championship (A) finals; ALL score points!!! Girls then Boys swimmers listed. 
200 Free A: Nielsen*, Cooper, Trodd and Hong; A: Woicik, A. White*, Warnecke; B: Pardon*
IM: A: Farrell, O’Brien; B: C. Lyter; A: Bathurst, Anthony*, Kittay; B: Keegan
50 Free: A: Kuehler; G. Barnhill*, Y. Nguyen, Stone; A: Campbell, Le, Griffith*; B: S. White
Fly: A: K. Barnhill*, Brownsberger, O’Brien; B: Gonzales; A: Warnecke, Anthony, Luo*; B: DaGiau
100 Free: A: Kuehler, Stone, Gilboy, Troeger; A: Campbell, Griffith*, Le; B: S. White*
500 Free: A: Nielsen, Cooper, Trodd, Lyter*; A: Woicik; B: Decker, Keegan, Schafirovitch
Back: A: K. Barnhill*, G. Barnhill*, McKeegan*; B: Avery*; A: A. White*, Bathurst, Luo; B: Aleksich
Breast: A: Farrell, Y. Nguyen*, Hong; B: Riverin; A: Kittay, Pardon; B: Decker, Lyter*

Redondo Union: Varsity Boys win big 126 to 44, followed by Varsity Girls with 122 to 48; FS Girls came in at 114 to 40, and FS Boys 112 to 41. Nice job, Mustangs!!! New CIF cuts were achieved by Lauren Nielsen (500 Free AUTO), Riley Farrell (200 Free CON), Nikki Cooper (100 Back CON), Yen Nguyen (100 Breast CON) and Sophie Kuehler (100 Breast CON), while Katie Barnhill (100 Fly), Kai Bathurst (100 Fly), Shannon O’Brien (100 Back) and Riley Farrell (100 Free-relay) improved their CON cuts. Every Costa relay took first place, along with the majority of individual events. Nearly every Mustang swimmer contributed to our point total, creating excellent momentum moving on to the Bay League Champs next week!

FS winners in individual events included Megan Benz and Liam Cook (200 Free), Katherine Harada Alcantara and Patrick Lucas (IM), Jasmine Wu and Alex Nahabed (50 Free), Diego Almendariz (Fly), Wu and Devon Hagstrom (100 Free), Mallie Axelrad (Back), and Isabelle Chiu and Lucas (Breast). Top relay teams were comprised of Axelrad/Chiu/Harada Alcantara/Charlotte Samuels and Alex Levin/Lucas/Joshua Hoye/River Benyair (200 medley), Wu/Sammy Wergeles/Samuels/Benz and Joshua Terry/Tommy Nelson/Hagstrom/Nahabed (200 free), and Wu/Harada Alcantara/Benz/Wergeles and Hagstrom/Lucas/Cook/Terry (400 free).

Varsity winners included Riley Farrell and Matt Woicik (200 Free), Katie Barnhill and Ian Campbell (200 IM), Andrew White (50 Free), K. Barnhill and Kai Bathurst (100 Fly), Alex Crisera and A. White (100 Free), Lauren Nielsen and Woicik (500 Free), Shannon O’Brien and Bathurst (100 Back), and Yen Nguyen and Jack Kittay (100 Breast). The fastest relay teams of the day were Nikki Cooper/Sophie Kuehler/Nielsen/Mona Stone and Bathurst/Kittay/Woicik/Campbell (200 Medley), Farrell/K. Barnhill/Kuehler/Crisera and Campbell/Colin Le/A. White/Bathurst (200 Free), and Farrell/Nielsen/K. Barnhill/Crisera and Le/Mark Warnecke/Woicik/A. White (400 Free).

Palos Verdes: A clean sweep for Costa in the second of our League meets!!! The Mustangs crushed the Sea Kings, with the Varsity Girls leading the way 126-44, Varsity Boys 117-53, FS Girls 93-61 and FS Boys 113-41. Fantastic results! In order to highlight the DEPTH of our team, if our swimmers came in 1-2-3, all will be listed—because EVERY POINT COUNTS! As this was our last home meet of the season, the team started off with a tribute to the graduating seniors and we used our exhibition lanes to the fullest—check out the results for some impressive non-scoring times!

Frosh/Soph swimmers looked great, winning almost every event. Individual winners included 200 Free swimmers Mona Stone (with Megan Benz and Cecelia Braun in 2nd and 3rd) and Liam Cook; IM winners Brianna Manyweather and Jack Decker (with Patrick Lucas and Diego Almendariz); Boys 50 Free winner Devon Hagstrom (Joshua Terry, Lucas Falley); Boys 100 Fly winner Diego Almendariz (Cayden Noddings, Joshua Hoye); 100 Free winners Mona Stone and Devon Hagstrom (Liam Cook, AJ Slater); Back winners Jasmine Wu and Jack Decker; and Breast winners Isabelle Chiu and Patrick Lucas. All relays were won by Mustang teams, with Wu, Uyen Nguyen, Brianna Manyweather and Megan Benz/Cook, Lucas, Almendariz and Hagstrom for the 200 medley; Stone, Benz, Katherine Harada Alcantara and Wu/Decker, Slater, Terry, and River Benyair for the 200 Free; and Harada Alcantara, Soleil Crow, Charlotte Samuels and Mona Stone/Terry, Lucas, Cook and Hagstrom for the 400 Free.

Varsity swimmers had similar success, with top three swimmers in the Medley, Fly and Back events for Girls AND Boys! The 200 Free started off with winners Alex Crisera (Lauren Nielsen, Katie Barnhill) and Matt Woicik; IM wins by Riley Farrell (Shannon O’Brien, Ella Trodd) and Kai Bathurst (Jack Kittay, Henry Anthony); 50 Free winners Sophie Kuehler and Colin Le; Fly winners Alex Crisera (Lauren Nielsen, Yen Nguyen) and Kai Bathurst (Andrew White, Henry Anthony); 100 Free winners Riley Farrell and Ian Campbell; Back winners Shannon O’Brien (Nikki Cooper, Grace Barnhill), Matt Woicik (Andrew White, Alex Luo); and Breast winners Katie Barnhill (Yen Nguyen, Sophie Kuehler) and Jack Kittay. All relays took first place starting with the 200 Medley teams of Crisera/Kuehler/K. Barnhill/Farrell and Bathurst/Kittay/Woicik/Campbell, followed by the 200 Free teams of Y. Nguyen/Nielsen/G. Barnhill/Farrell and White/Nate Griffith/Le/Bathurst, and finally the 400 Free teams of Nielsen/K. Barnhill/Kuehler/Crisera and White/Mark Warnecke/Campbell/Griffith. 

CIF CON times were achieved by Katie Barnhill in the 100 Breast, Lauren Nielsen in the 100 Fly and Matt Woicik in the 100 Back; cut improvements included Alex Crisera in the 200 Free and Shannon O’Brien the 100 Fly. Season best times were swum by Spencer White, Mark Warnecke, Joshua Terry, AJ Slater, Alex Schafirovitch, Charlotte Samuels, Anna Real, Cayden Noddings, Yen Nguyen, Emma Nerad, Yasmeen Mohammedi, Brianna Manyweather, Bryce Lyter, Patrick Lucas, Katherine Harada Alcantara, Devon Hagstrom, Nate Griffith, Danielle Gonzales, Annika Gilboy, Emma Forman, Lucas Falley, Peter DaGiau, Soleil Crow, Isabelle Chiu, Cecelia Braun, Megan Benz, River Benyair, Sydney Avery, Emma Anderson and Natasha Anders. Also worth mentioning were three first-time MCHS entries to the 500 Free: Camille Lyter 2nd, Colin Le 3rd, and Sean Keegan 5th. Phew! Apologies if anyone was missed. What a great testament to the hard work the kids and our coaches are putting in!!!

Peninsula: Girls Varsity WINS 105 to 65! FS Girls and Boys WIN 97 to 57 and 107 to 46, respectively! Boys Varsity fall 98 to 72. Peninsula has been the team to beat in recent years, so these results are very exciting for Costa! Several close races, including a tie for first place in the Varsity Boys 100 free (featuring Mustang Andrew White) and three girls swimming 1:00 in the Varsity 100 back (with Alex Crisera and Katie Barnhill flanking one of Pen’s best). Best times were swum by Riley Farrell (100 free-relay, CON), Nate Griffith (100 free), Devon Hagstrom (50 free), Jack Kittay (200 IM), Patrick Lucas (200 free), Brianna Manyweather (100 IM), Lauren Nielsen (200 free, CON), Cayden Noddings (100 breast), Finn Pardon (200 free), Joshua Terry (200 free), Mark Warnecke (500 free), and Sammy Wergeles (50 and 200 free).

Individual event Varsity winners include Lauren Nielsen (200 free), Riley Farrell (200 IM, 100 breast), Katie Barnhill (100 fly), Alex Crisera (100 free, 100 back), Nikki Cooper (500 free), and Andrew White (100 free). The relay teams of Nielsen, Cooper, Mona Stone and Shannon O’Brien (200 free), Farrell, Sophie Kuehler, Nielsen and Crisera (400 free) and Ian Campbell, Colin Le, White and Kai Bathurst (400 free) ended the meet on a high note.

FS individual winners include Camille Lyter (200 free, 50 free), Liam Cook (200 free), Jasmine Wu (100 IM, 50 fly), Sean Keegan (200 IM, 100 fly), Devon Hagstrom (50 and 100 free), Megan Benz (100 free), Jack Decker (100 back, 100 breast), and Isabelle Chiu (50 breast). The relay teams of Mallie Axelrad, Chiu, Wu and Lyter (200 medley), Keegan, Decker, Joshua Hoye and Hagstrom (200 medley), Cook, AJ Slater, Patrick Lucas and Tommy Nelson (200 free), Wu, Benz, Sammy Wergeles and Lyter (400 free), and Hagstrom, Decker, Cook and Joshua Terry (400 free) all took firsts to round up the strong FS showing!

North: The scores tell the story: 135 to 31, MCHS Varsity Girls; 128 to 40, MCHS Varsity Boys; 123 to 31, MCHS JV Girls; 120 to 29, MCHS JV Boys. Multiple races saw Mustang swimmers claiming 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd places! Varsity Assistant Coach Myers assigned events for Varsity and Assistant Coach Meek for FS/JV, and clearly they did a great job! Our athletes were pushed out of their comfort zones and earned times for strokes or distances not attempted in earlier meets.

The Torrance teams swim JV rather than FS, giving our coaches more flexibility in the “FS” division. Our winners in individual events included Camille Lyter (200 Free), Sean Keegan (200 Free, 200 IM), Jasmine Wu (100 IM, 50 Fly), Katherine Harada Alcantara (50 Free), Joshua Terry (50 Free), Diego Almendariz (100 Fly), Sammy Wergeles (100 Free), Devon Hagstrom (100 Free), Mallie Axelrad (50 Back), Alex Levin (100 Back), Tara Delk (50 Breast) and River Benyair (100 Breast). Relay winners were the teams of Jasmine Noh/Uyen Nguyen/Cecelia Braun/Axelrad and Jack Decker/Lucas Falley/Joshua Hoye/Garrett Allen for the 200 Medley; Wergeles/Axelrad/Harada Alcantara/Braun and Hagstrom/Ethan Chalk/Levin/Keegan for the 200 Free; and Wergeles/Noh/Emma Anderson/Brianna Manyweather and Benyair/Almendariz/Tommy Nelson/Decker in the 400 Free.

Varsity saw winners in the 200 Free (Alex Crisera, Kai Bathurst), 200 IM (Shannon O’Brien, Matt Woicik), 50 Free (Nikki Cooper, Spencer White), 100 Fly (Crisera, Andrew White), 100 Free (Lauren Nielsen, Ian Campbell), 500 Free (Riley Farrell, Clay Allen), 100 Back (Sophie Kuehler, Campbell), and 100 Breast (Ella Trodd). New CIF Consideration cuts were achieved by Crisera (200 Free, 100 Fly), O'Brien (200 IM), Farrell (100 Fly, 500 Free), Katie Barnhill (100 Fly), and Kuehler and Campbell (100 Back). Winning Varsity relay teams were comprised of Cooper/Yen Nguyen/O’Brien/Kuehler and Colin Le/Finn Pardon/Campbell/Jack Kittay in the 200 Medley; Trodd/Grace Barnhill/O’Brien/Farrell and Jack Kittay/Bathurst/Henry Anthony/Mark Warnecke in the 200 Free; and Farrell/Nielsen/K. Barnhill/Crisera and C. Allen/Woicik/Pardon/Campbell for the 400 Free.

South Bay Invitational: WOW!!!! Varsity Girls take first, Varsity Boys take second, BOTH FS teams finish first! Great results for our team and some wonderful races! FIVE MCHS Team Records fell in the Finals: Varsity Girls 100 Free to Alex Crisera, Varsity Girls 100 Backstroke to Alex Crisera (breaking her own record from Wednesday!), the Varsity Boys 100 Backstroke to Freshman Kai Bathurst, and the Varsity Girls 200 AND 400 Free Relay teams of Riley Farrell/Yen Nguyen/Sophie Kuehler/Alex Crisera and Lauren Nielsen/Katie Barnhill/Sophie Kuehler/Alex Crisera, respectively! 

Our Frosh/Soph swimmers showed up to race! First place finishers took home the gold in the 200 Medley Relay made up of Sean Keegan, Alex Nahabed, Henry Anthony and Devon Hagstrom; Liam Cook in the 200 Free; Mona Stone and Alex Nahabed in the 50 Free; Henry Anthony with the only sub-1 minute swim of the 100 Fly; Mona Stone, with the only sub-1 minute swim among the girls, and Devon Hagstrom in the 100 Free; the 200 Free Relay team of Henry Anthony, Sean Keegan, Jack Decker and Alex Nahabed; Jasmine Wu in the 50 Back; Jack Decker in the 100 Back, and the 400 Free Relay teams of Camille Lyter, Megan Benz, Jasmine Wu and Mona Stone for the girls and Patrick Lucas, Jack Decker, Liam Cook and Devon Hagstrom for the boys. In addition to our winners, we had multiple events in which every entered MCHS swimmer returned for the top 8 heat! These swimmers showcase our depth in the following events: Liam Cook, Alex Levin, AJ Slater and Ethan Chalk in the 200 free; Sean Keegan, Patrick Lucas and Diego Almendariz in the 200 IM; Mona Stone, Megan Benz, Mallie Axelrad and Katherine Harada Alcantara in the 50 Free; Henry Anthony, Sean Keegan, Diego Almendariz and Joshua Hoye in the 100 Fly; Devon Hagstrom, Liam Cook and Tommy Nelson in the 100 Free; and Tara Delk, Isabelle Chiu, Uyen Nguyen and Ashley Cole in the 50 Breast. Lots of best times contributed to the matching First Place Trophies collected at the end of the meet!

Among the impressive races in Varsity, the Boys 200 IM had a particularly strong field this year; whereas in 2015 only one swimmer broke the 2-minute barrier, we saw FOUR in that category, including personal best times by the top two finishers. Kai Bathurst captured 2nd place for Costa, just 0.01 shy of the CIF AUTO cut! In the 500 Free Freshmen Nikki Cooper and Ella Trodd claimed the two top spots, both with personal best times, while Senior Matt Woicik was first to the wall in a photo-finish race with two of Pali’s top swimmers. With two new MCHS Team Records under her belt, Alex Crisera had little trouble taking 1st the 100 Free, but she found a challenge in the 100 Back, in which the top two girls finished in under one minute. The Varsity Girls swept the relay events with the teams of Nikki Cooper, Yen Nguyen, Katie Barnhill and Grace Barnhill in the 200 Medley; Riley Farrell, Yen Nguyen, Sophie Kuehler and Alex Crisera in the 200 Free Relay; and Lauren Nielsen, Katie Barnhill, Sophie Kuehler and Alex Crisera in the 400 Free Relay. Varsity events in which all entered MCHS swimmers returned for one of the two heats of finals were led by Nikki Cooper, Ella Trodd, Sydney Hong and Saralyn Troeger in the 200 Free; Sophie Kuehler, Yen Nguyen, Grace Barnhill and Macy McKeegan in the Girls 50 Free; Andrew White, Colin Le and Spencer White in the Boys 50 Free; Alex Crisera, Sophie Kuehler, Kaylee Brownsberger and Annika Gilboy in the Girls 100 Free; Ian Campbell, Colin Le and Alex Luo in the Boys 100 Free; Nikki Cooper, Ella Trodd, Emily Seth and Emma Nerad in the 500 Free; Kai Bathurst, Andrew White, Alex Luo and Jack Kittay in the 100 Back; and Riley Farrell, Grace Barnhill, Sydney Hong and Sydney Avery in the 100 Breastroke. Other top three finishers included individual swims by Matt Woicik, Riley Farrell, Katie Barnhill, Kai Bathurst, Andrew White, Colin Le, Shannon O’Brien, Ian Campbell and all of the Boys Relay teams. And then there are the CIF cuts….

Lots of new or improved CIF qualifying swims in the pool at SBI! A CIF AUTO cut triple was scored by Freshman Riley Farrell (200 IM, 100 Breast, and 50 Free-relay leg). Alex Crisera strengthened her 100 Free and 100 Back times, while Ian Campbell (100 Fly), Matt Woicik (500 Free) and Kai Bathurst (100 Back) met the AUTO standard. The relay teams of Riley Farrell, Yen Nguyen, Sophie Kuehler and Alex Crisera (200 Free), Ian Campbell, Andrew White, Colin Le and Kai Bathurst (200 Free) and Lauren Nielsen, Katie Barnhill, Sophie Kuehler and Alex Crisera (400 Free) did their jobs in earning MCHS lanes at CIF. CIF CON times were earned by Nikki Cooper (200 and 500 Free), Matt Woicik (200 Free), Katie Barnhill (200 IM, 100 Back), Kai Bathurst (200 IM), Sophie Kuehler (50 and 100 Free), Andrew White (50 Free, 100 Back, 100 Free-relay leg), Mark Warnecke (200 Free, 100 Fly), Ian Campbell (100 Free, 50 Free-relay leg), Ella Trodd (500 Free), Alex Crisera (50 Free-relay leg), and Lauren Nielsen (100 Free-relay leg). The boys relay teams of Colin Le, Jack Kittay, Matt Woicik and Mark Warnecke (200 Medley) and Andrew White, Matt Woicik, Ian Campbell and Kai Bathurst (400 Free) improved their chances of a CIF appearance.

MCHS v West Torrance High: West’s star sprinter took first place in her two races, pushing her Mustang competitors to new CIF Consideration cuts in the process, but Costa claimed the win in every other race, often taking the top three spots! Varsity Girls scored 120–50; Varsity Boys 134–36; JV Girls 126–22; and JV Boys 121–31. Interested in the scoring process? See the note at the bottom of this section. New or improved CIF AUTO cuts and CIF CON cuts noted!

The 200 medley relays started the meet off with a bang, with top finishes by the teams of Jasmine Wu, Uyen Nguyen, Brianna Manyweather, and Megan Benz; Sean Keegan, Patrick Lucas, Joshua Hoye, and Devon Hagstrom; Alex Crisera, Riley Farrell, Katie Barnhill, and Sophie Kuehler; and Kai Bathurst, Finn Pardon, Matt Woicik, Colin Le. 200 freestyle winners followed with Camille Lyter and Alex Levin in JV and K. Barnhill and Ian Campbell in Varsity. JV 100/200 IM were led by Isabelle Chiu and Keegan, and Varsity 200 IM wins for Farrell and Bathurst. Tommy Nelson and Benz touched the wall first for the JV 50 free, with Colin Le taking Varsity Boys. The 50/100 fly JV winners were C. Lyter and Jack Decker, followed by Varsity 100 fly swimmers Farrell and Mark Warnecke. In the 100 free, J. Wu and Joshua Terry led JV, and Nate Griffith got the job done for Varsity. The swim of the meet was the 500 free by Crisera, hitting a lifetime personal best in addition to claiming a long-standing MCHS team record; Woicik took first for Varsity boys. The 200 free relays followed, with wins by the teams of Katherine Harada Alcantara, C. Lyter, Benz and J. Wu; Terry, Decker, AJ Slater and Keegan; Ella Trodd, Grace Barnhill, Yen Nguyen and Farrell; and Warnecke, Griffith, Campbell and Le. The backstroke events were claimed by J. Wu, Decker, G. Barnhill and Bathurst, and the breaststroke events by Chiu, Patrick Lucas, Kuehler and Campbell. The final 400 free relays were won by the teams of C. Lyter, Sami Wergeles, Charlotte Samuels and Harada Alcantara; Decker, Slater, Lucas and Terry; Crisera, Nikki Cooper, Kuehler and K. Barnhill; and Andrew White, Bathurst, Warnecke and Campbell. Additional CIF cuts went to Crisera (2nd 50 free), Kuehler (2nd 100 free). WELL DONE, MUSTANGS!!!

MCHS v South Torrance High: The Spartans left our pool with some best times, but the Mustangs were victorious in all but the FS Girls division. Our Varsity Girls outscored our Boys by 1 point, taking down the South Varsity squads 123-47 and 122-48, respectively. The FS Boys were strong at 118-35, while the FS Girls fell 83-66. Freshman Alex Crisera notched two Automatic CIF cuts in the 200 IM and 100 backstroke, clocking the fastest backstroke time of the meet (yes, she beat the Varsity boys!). Consideration CIF times (CON) for individual events were achieved in the 200 free (Matt Woicik), 200 IM (Katie Barnhill, Ian Campbell), 50 free (Riley Farrell), 100 fly (Shannon O’Brien, Campbell, Kai Bathurst), 500 free (Nikki Cooper, Woicik), 100 back (K. Barnhill), and 100 breast (Farrell)—an impressive display of the diversity in the team! Varsity wins were also scored by Cooper (200 free), Bathurst (50 free), Ella Trodd (100 free), and Andrew White (100 free and 100 back). CON times were scored in four of the girls relay teams, with two in the 200 medley (Crisera/Sophie Kuehler/K. Barnhill/Farrell and Trodd/Grace Barnhill/O’Brien/Cooper), and the winning 200 free and 400 free relays (G. Barnhill/Yen Nguyen/Trodd/Farrell and Crisera/Kuehler/K. Barnhill/Cooper, respectively). The boys team hit their first relay CON time in the 200 medley (Bathurst/Jack Kittay/Campbell/Colin Le). The boys 200 free (Campbell/A. White/Mark Warnecke/Woicik) and 400 free (Bathurst/Warnecke/Woicik/A. White) relays took first place honors.

The Frosh/Soph division events were dominated by Mustangs in the boys events, with winners including Liam Cook (200 free), Diego Almendariz (200 IM), Tommy Nelson (50 free), Sean Keegan (100 fly and 100 back), and Jack Decker (100 free and 100 breast). Our boys won every relay with the teams of Keegan, Patrick Lucas, Joshua Hoye and Holden Brown in the 200 medley, Decker, Cook, Brown and Keegan in the 200 free, and Garrett Allen, Cook, Decker and Lucas in the 400 free. Standout performances by the girls included Camille Lyter (200 free), Sami Wergeles (50 free), Megan Benz (100 free), Ashley Cole (50 breast, and the 200 free relay team of Isabelle Chiu, Cole, Wergeles, and Benz.

Green and Gold 2016! Our kick-off intrasquad meet got serious with the arrival of the Championship Trophy! Shown is the “before” version, as the Mustang is now painted GREEN after a closely contested match up, with events and relay teams assigned by our Team Captains. Over 140 athletes competed in the meet, and CIF Consideration cuts were made by freshmen girls Alexandra Crisera (100 free, 100 back) and Riley Farrell (200 IM, 100 breast), as well as senior boys Ian Campbell and Matt Woicik, who faced off in the 200 and 500 freestyle events. Three girls relays took CON cuts as well: the 200 Medley Relay of Nikki Cooper, Farrell, Kaylee Brownsberger, and Mona Stone; the 200 Free Relay of Mona Stone, Farrell, Grace Barnhill, and Camille Lyter; and the Girls 400 Free Relay of Ella Trodd, Sophie Kuehler, Saralyn Troeger, and Crisera. We can expect all these times to be improved upon as the season progresses, but a very satisfying start indeed, especially with the strong freshman class! Other swimmers making a splash in individual events: freshmen Ella Trodd, Kai Bathurst and Colin Le; sophomores Sophie Kuehler and Jack Kittay; junior Philip Aleksich; and seniors Kaylee Brownsberger, Annika Gilboy and Finn Pardon. 


2015 Swim Team Season Results

Top Times 2015

2015 CIF Finals
2015 CIF Prelims
2015 Bay League Finals
2015 MCHS v Redondo Union
2015 MCHS v Palos Verdes
2015 MCHS v Peninsula
2015 MCHS v West Torrance
2015 MCHS v South Torrance
2015 South Bay Invitational full meet results
2015 MCHS v Huntington Beach
2015 MCHS v Palisades Charter
2015 MCHS v Santa Monica
2015 Green v Gold


MCHS Swimming 2015

CIF 2015: CONGRATULATIONS to our CIF Athletes in individual events!!!!

          Paige Richardson, 1 meter DIVING 
          Katie Barnhill, 200 IM and 100 back
          Ian Campbell, 200 and 500 free
          Ed Jeon, 50 free and 100 breast
          Sophie Kuehler, 100 free
          Lauren Nielsen, 200 and 500 free
          Shannon O'Brien, 100 back
          Mark Warnecke, 200 free

      Competition at this meet was BRUTAL, and none of our relays returned for finals, despite several best times that would have made the cut in 2014. The same held true for the individual events, with only Senior Ed Jeon and Junior Ian Campbell returning for Saturday's finals. Jeon had an amazing set of CIF breaststroke swims, breaking his team record on successive days and finishing 6th overall! Campbell moved from 31st seed in the 500 free to 15th after prelims, and swam a personal best in the consolation finals to a 14th place overall finish. Combined with Paige Richardson's diving result, MCHS walked away with 33 points total. Great effort by ALL of our athletes!

       NEW MCHS TEAM RECORDS achieved at CIF 2015!!!
           Girls 200 Medley Relay
                 1:54.21     Shannon O'Brien, Sophie Kuehler,
                                   Katie Barnhill and Mona Stone
           Boys 100 Breaststroke
                 58.45        Ed Jeon

Bay League FINALS: Congrats to the FS Boys on a FIRST PLACE finish!!! Respectable second place finishes for FS Girls, and the Varsity Girls and Boys as well. MANY SEASON BEST TIMES for our athletes! Lauren Nielsen captured the 500 free title with a CIF Automatic time, and other winners in finals include Jack Kittay (FS 200 IM and FS 100 fly), Julia Schwedock (FS 50 free), Carolein Abdelmalak (FS 50 breast), Patrick Lucas (FS 100 breast), and Ed Jeon (Varsity 100 breast, just off his team record set last year at CIF). Winning relay teams for FS include the 200 medley group of Beau Staso, Bryce Lyter, Jack Kittay, and Devon Hagstrom, and the 200 free combination of Haley Viviani, Daina Reimanis, Frances Caflisch, and Emily Seth. Sophie Kuehler had an impressive drop of 1.2 seconds in her Var 100 free, improving upon her CIF consideration time; fellow Varsity swimmers Andrew White (100 back), Mark Warnecke (200 free, 500 free), Shannon O'Brien (100 fly) and Ian Campbell (200 free, 100 fly) also bettered their chances of CIF spots with top swims of the season. Check out all the other improvements in the Meet Summary! Senior Team Captain Derrick Compas gets a special shout-out for the largest drop in time, with 17+ seconds trimmed off of his 500 free! One of many impressive swims.

Of special note: the Varsity Girls 200 medley relay team of O'Brien, Kuehler, Barnhill and Stone TIED the MCHS Record with a time of 1:54.58!!! Here's hoping for a clean break at CIF!!!

For CIF our team has four swimmers with Automatic cuts: Katie Barnhill (100 back), Ed Jeon (100 breast), Lauren Nielsen (500 free) and Shannon O'Brien (100 back). Our Consideration time swimmers should find out if they'll be competing in Riverside this weekend. Likewise, we have Consideration times for all six relays. Fingers crossed for good news!

Well done, Costa Swim!!!

Bay League PRELIMS: Costa made a strong showing and has many swimmers representing the Green and Gold in Thursday's Finals! Comfortably through to the A finals for Varsity are our CIF qualifiers: Katie Barnhill (200 IM, 100 back), Ian Campbell (200 free, 100 fly), Ed Jeon (50 free, 100 breast), Sophie Kuehler (100 free, 100 breast), Lauren Nielsen (200 free, 500 free), Shannon O’Brien (200 IM, 100 fly), Mark Warnecke (200 free, 500 free) and Andrew White (200 IM, 100 back). Bay League Finals is an excellent chance for these swimmers to better their seed times, especially in events where they have consideration (CONS) as opposed to automatic (AUTO) times as noted on the Meet Summary (see above). CIF will swim the top 36 athletes PER EVENT, so consideration times are not a guarantee for CIF participation.

FS finals are looking strong for the Mustangs, with the 200 free finals featuring all four of our swimmers! Congrats to Haley Viviani, Emily Seth, Pleia Hall and Daina Reimanis for the girls, and Lucas Brannan, Liam Cook, Alex Levin and Ethan Chalk for the boys! Most other events have three MCHS athletes, often with an alternate or two in reserve. Number one seeds include Jack Kittay (200 IM), Julia Schwedock (50 free), Carolein Abdelmalak (50 breast) and Lucas Patrick (100 breast). Nice showing for FS!!!

Varsity finals will showcase some rematches of top swims from this season, with many of our swimmers well off their best times in prelims. Look for that to change in the finals! Perhaps most noteworthy are our athletes who swam season’s best in prelims, securing their spot in the A final: Mark Warnecke (200 free), Henry Anthony (200 IM), Nate Griffith (200 IM and 100 free), Sophie Kuehler (100 free), Finn Pardon (500 free), Macy McKeegan (100 back), and Anna O’Connor (100 back). Improvements were evident in the B finals as well!

Congrats Mustangs! Best of luck for Finals!!!

MCHS v Redondo Union High School: Notably, our last home meet began with a tribute to our Seniors! Mustang Swim had a split against the Sea Hawks, with the Girls Varsity falling 83-87 and the Boys Varsity prevailing 89-81 in closely contested matchups. FS Girls struggled as well, falling 66.5-87.5 to our rivals, while the FS Boys dominated, taking the match 101-53. Varsity winners in both of their individual events included Lauren Nielsen (200, 500 free), Mark Warnecke (100, 200 free), and Ed Jeon (50 free, 100 breast). Single event winners were Katie Barnhill (200 IM), Ian Campbell (200 IM), Shannon O’Brien (100 fly), Andrew White (100 back) and Sophie Kuehler (100 breast). Both Varsity medley teams took first, with Barnhill, Kuehler, O’Brien and Nielsen for the girls and A. White, Jeon, Campbell and Mikey Portis for the boys. Alex Luo (200 IM, 100 back) was a double threat for FS boys, joined by Haley Viviani (200 free), Alex Nahabed (50 free), Henry Anthony (100 fly), and Patrick Lucas (100 breast). FS relay top teams included Luo, Lucas, Anthony and Liam Cook (200 medley); Viviani, Daina Reimanis, Frances Caflisch and Pleia Hall (200 free); Devon Hagstrom, Lucas Brannan, Nahabed and Alex Levin (200 free); and Anthony, Cook, Luo and Brannan (400 free).

To see best times, check out the Meet Summary (above) and look for the asterisks (*)!  

Expect to see many of these names—and more!—in Bay League results!

MCHS v Palos Verdes High School: The Sea Kings and the Mustangs met in our first away meet of the season. While our Varsity Girls showed their strength (123-47), the battle was fierce for the Boys Varsity contest, where the two teams matched each other point for point, resulting in a tied final score of 85-85. Both Costa FS teams emerged smiling, with a 115 to 39 win for the Girls and a 98 to 56 win for Boys. This meet saw not one but TWO breakout swims for sophomore Mark Warnecke, who won both his events with CIF consideration times (200 and 500 free), his first in individual events! Varsity swimmers with best times for this season also included Kyra Barker, Nathalie Dinsdale, Cole Horton, Antonis Nahabed, Anna O’Connor, and Finn Pardon (x2!). Other event winners included Lauren Nielsen (200 and 500 free), Katie Barnhill (200 IM, 100 fly), Andrew White (200 IM), Mona Stone (50 free), Ed Jeon (50 free, 100 breast), Ian Campbell (100 fly, 100 back), Sophie Kuehler (100 free, 100 breast) and Shannon O’Brien (100 back). Relay winners included the 200 medley relay teams of O’Brien, Kuehler, Barnhill and Nielsen, and White, Jeon, Campbell and Warnecke; and for the 200 and 400 free girls teams, Jasmine Wu, Sydney Hong, Stone and Julia Schwedock, and Nielsen, Barnhill, Stone and Kuehler, respectively.

The FS teams enjoyed wins in multiple individual events as well, led by double winners Emma Nerad (100 and 200 free), Danielle Gonzales (100 IM, 50 fly), and Alex Luo (200 IM, 100 back); other winners included Lucas Brannan (200 free), Daina Reimanis (50 free), Henry Anthony (100 fly), Carolein Abdelmalak (50 breast) and Bryce Lyter (100 breast). Our FS relays took five of the six events, with the 200 medley teams of Frances Caflisch, Isabelle Chiu, Gonzales and Emily Seth for the girls and Luo, Lyter, Anthony, and Liam Cook for the boys, the 200 free team of Haley Viviani, Reimanis, Chiu and Nerad, and the 400 free teams of Seth, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Viviani and Nerad for the girls, and Anthony, Cook, Luo and Brannan for the boys. Best times for the season were put in by Lucas Brannan, Devon Hagstrom, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Jack Kittay, Patrick Lucas, Alex Luo, Emma Nerad (x2!), Daina Reimanis, and Emily Seth.

Great job by all our athletes! Next up is our local rival, the Redondo Union Sea Hawks!

MCHS v Palos Verdes Peninsula High School: The Panthers showed their claws on the Costa deck, taking both the Varsity Girls (112 to 58) and Boys (106 to 64) wins in commanding style. The Mustang FS Boys made an impressive display (113 to 41), while the FS Girls fell in a close competition (73 to 81). Despite the blood in the water, there were notable swims in Varsity, including a win and a best time for the Girls 200 Medley Relay team of Shannon O’Brien, Sydney Hong, Katie Barnhill and Lauren Nielsen, that *should* get them in for CIF (consideration time of 1:56.56, beating last year’s team best of 1:58.00 going in to CIF); likewise the Boys 200 Medley Relay team of Andrew White, Ed Jeon, Ian Campbell and Mark Warnecke won their heat and scored a consideration time, although they will likely need to shave a bit more off to solidify a CIF spot for Costa. The individual events showed first place finishes for the dependable Katie Barnhill (100 fly), Ian Campbell (200, 500 free) and Ed Jeon (50 free, 100 breast), and excellent CIF CON swims by sophomore Lauren Nielsen (1st 500 free, 2nd 200 free), both of which should see her comfortably into CIF again this year (last year Lauren swam for Redondo). Varsity swimmers performing personal best times for the season include Henry Anthony, Sydney Avery, Peter DaGiau, Sydney Hong, Cole Horton, Cole Keefer, Maeve Lee, Antonis Nahabed, Emma Nerad, Kohei New, Anna O’Connor, Finn Pardon (both events!), Andrew Szkolnik, Nick Vu, Mark Warnecke (both events!), and Spencer White.

The FS individual matchups were won by Danielle Gonzales (100 IM), Alex Luo (200 IM, 100 back), Devon Hagstrom (50 free), Jack Kittay (100 fly), Carolein Abdelmalak (50 breast), and Bryce Lyter (100 breast). FS Girls won the 400 Free Relay with the team of Emily Seth, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Haley Viviani, and Danielle Gonzales. The FS Boys won all of their relays, with the teams of Alex Luo, Bryce Lyter, Jack Kittay and Ethan Chalk (200 Medley), Devon Hagstrom, Kittay, Alex Nahabed and Lyter (200 Free), and Luo, Liam Cook, Lucas Brannan and Patrick Lucas (400 Free). Both teams depended on their depth for their performances, and best personal times were swum by Emma Anderson, Lucas Brannan (both events!), Ashley Cole (both events!), Liam Cook (both events!), Ian Cosner, Ryan Dulong, Devon Hagstrom, Jared Haim, Maddy Hoye, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Jack Kittay, Alex Levin, Patrick Lucas, Cayden Noddings, Jasmine Noh, Hayley Pickard, Daina Reimanis, Alex Schafirovitch, and Haley Viviani.

Next up: Palos Verdes High School!  

MCHS v West Torrance: The Varsity Men showed their strength (118 to 47) along with the FS squads (girls 104 to 42, boys 119 to 30), while the Varsity Ladies ended up on the short side of the point spread (89 to 80) in a closely contested match-up against the talented West Warriors. Coach Santarosa mixed things up a bit this meet, with satisfying results!

Varsity winners included Finn Pardon (200 free), Ian Campbell (200 IM, 100 fly), Forrest Wu (50 free), Nate Griffith (100 free), Emma Nerad (500 free), Jack Kittay (500 free), and Kohei New (100 breast) in individual events. First place relay teams for the 200 medley were comprised of Antonis Nahabed, Ed Jeon, Ian Campbell and Spencer White; 200 free relay teams were Jasmine Wu, Sydney Hong, Mona Stone, and Julia Schwedock for the girls and Spencer White, Antonis Nahabed, Forrest Wu and Nate Griffith for the boys; and the 400 free team of Ian Campbell, Forrest Wu, Levi Griffith, and Nate Griffith.

Frosh/Soph individual events were claimed by Pleia Hall (200 free), Lucas Brannan (200 free), Alex Luo (200 IM, 100 back), Jean-Paul Bosnoyan (50 and 100 free), Cayden Noddings (100 fly), Emily Seth (100 free), Isabelle Chiu (50 breast), and Patrick Lucas (100 breast); relay winners for FS girls were Anna Real, Frances Caflisch, Natalie Young and Isabelle Chiu (200 free) and Natalie Young, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Maddy Hoye, and Emily Seth (400 free), and for the FS boys Alex Luo, Ryan Dulong, Cayden Noddings and Barron Regan (200 medley), Jean-Paul Bosnoyan, Devon Hagstrom, Alex Nahabed and Barron Regan (200 free), and Jean-Paul Bosnoyan, Devon Hagstrom, Patrick Lucas and Alex Luo (400 free).

Best times were achieved by the following swimmers: Luqmaan Abdul-Cader, Sydney Avery, Kyra Barker, Harley Bellew, Jean-Paul Bosnoyan, Ashley Cole, Liam Cook, Ian Cosner, Matt Faustgen, Lyndsey Garrett, Pleia Hall, Cole Keefer, Jack Kittay, Kathleen Krull, Sophie Kuehler, Maeve Lee, Madison Lindley, Yasmeen Mohammedi, Thomas Nelson, Jasmine Noh, Hayley Pickard, Emily Seth, Max Severo, Hogan Webb, Forrest Wu, Jasmine Wu, Natalie Young and Dayan Zivkovic. Special shout out to our first-timers in the 500 free: Connor Kropschot, Emma Nerad, and Daina Reimanis!

This was the last of our non-Bay League meets. Expect increased focus in the next weeks approaching our face-off with the Peninsula Panthers, the reigning Bay League champs!

MCHS v South Torrance: ALL TEAMS WIN!!! The Spartan Varsity Ladies put up quite a fight, holding the lead for most of the meet, but a first place finish in the 400 free relay by the team of Sophie Kuehler, Katie Barnhill, Mona Stone, and Shannon O’Brien AND the third place finish of Sydney Hong, Annika Gilboy, Julia Schwedock and Pleia Hall, pushed the points in Costa’s favor, resulting in an 87 to 83 point victory for the Mustangs—had the Spartans claimed third place, the Varsity girls would have tied! The Costa Varsity Boys prevailed 103 to 67 for their first win in a dual meet, and both FS squads got their jobs done with winners in EVERY RACE, resulting in an impressive 119 to 35 for the girls and 105 to 49 for the boys. Costa is finding its groove!!!

Varsity winners included Katie Barnhill (100 fly), Ian Campbell (200 IM, 100 back), Ed Jeon (100 free, 100 breast), Sophie Kuehler (100 free), Shannon O’Brien (100 back), Finn Pardon (500 free), and Forrest Wu (50 free). First place relay teams were comprised of Antonis Nahabed, Ed Jeon, Ian Campbell and Spencer White (200 medley relay); Campbell, Nate Griffith, Forrest Wu and Ed Jeon (200 free relay); and S. White, An. Nahabed, Levi Griffith and N. Griffith for the boys (400 free relay); the girls 200 free relay team of Jasmine Wu, Sydney Hong, Mona Stone and Julia Schwedock round out our winners, along with the 400 free relay team highlighted above.

FS bragging rights go to Carolein Abdelmalak (50 breast), Jean-Paul Bosnoyan (50 free), Liam Cook (200 free), Danielle Gonzales (100 IM, 50 fly), Jack Kittay (100 fly), Alex Luo (200 IM, 100 back), Bryce Lyter (100 breast), Alex Nahabed (100 free), Emma Nerad (200 free), Daina Reimanis (50 back), and Emily Seth (50 and 100 free). The dominant relay teams included Frances Caflisch, Isabelle Chiu, Anna Real and Kaitlyn Kennedy (200 medley); Alex Luo, Bryce Lyter, Jack Kittay and Liam Cook (200 medley); Haley Viviani, Daina Reimanis, Robin Wilson and Emma Nerad (200 free); Jean-Paul Bosnoyan, Devon Hagstrom, Kittay and Barron Regan (200 free); Emily Seth, Kennedy, Viviani and Nerad (400 free); and Alex Nahabed, Dayan Zivkovic, Ethan Chalk and Jared Haim (400 free).

The Varsity Girls win demonstrates how EVERY POINT COUNTS, so congrats to ALL our athletes!

South Bay Invitational FINALS!!! Boys FS take first place!!! Girls FS take second place!!! They've got the trophies to prove it! Varsity girls landed at fourth, and Varsity boys at sixth, and most swimmers saw nice improvements in their times. Katie Barnhill and Ed Jeon made CIF AUTO cuts in the 100 back and 100 breast, respectively, both breaking the one minute mark. Andrew White improved upon his meet record in the 100 back AND made a CIF consideration cut! Costa swimmers scored some hardware as well!!! Varsity medalists included Annika Gilboy (8th, 200 free; 6th, 500 free), Ian Campbell (4th in the 200 and 500 free), Mark Warnecke (7th 200 free, 5th 100 free), Katie Barnhill (4th 200 IM, 2nd 100 back), Sophie Kuehler (6th in the 50 and 100 free), Ed Jeon (1st 50 free and 100 breast), Shannon O’Brien (2nd 100 fly, 5th 100 back), and Sydney Hong (8th 100 breast), along with the 200 free relay teams of Shannon O’Brien, Katie Barnhill, Mona Stone, and Sophie Kuehler for the girls, and Ed Jeon, Nate Griffith, Forrest Wu, and Ian Campbell for the boys, both taking 2nd place awards. In the FS division places 1-3 received medals, and Costa swept in the girls 200 free (Emma Nerad 1st, Haley Viviani 2nd, and Daina Reimanis 3rd); Liam Cook took 3rd in the 200 free, Andrew White (1st) and Alex Luo (3rd) in the 200 IM and 1st and 2nd respectively in the 100 back, Julia Schwedock earned 1st in the 50 free and 2nd in the 100 free with Kaitlyn Kennedy in 3rd, and Henry Anthony took 1st in the 100 fly. Every FS relay captured medals, with 3rd for Danielle Gonzales, Ashley Cole, Anna Real, and Daina Reimanis in the medley, 1st for Julia Schwedock, Frances Caflisch, Emma Nerad, and Haley Viviani in the 200 free, and 2nd for Haley Viviani, Frances Caflisch, Emma Nerad and Julia Schwedock in the 400 free on the girls side; the FS boys swept first place in all their relays with Alex Luo, Bryce Lyter, Henry Anthony, and Jack Kittay in the 200 medley, Patrick Lucas, Henry Anthony, Alexander Nahabed, and Andrew White in the 200 free, and Jack Kittay, Patrick Lucas, Alexander Nahabed, and Andrew White in the 400 free!

Lots for our coaches to be proud of!

South Bay Invitational Girls Prelims: The Mustang Ladies made a strong showing at both the FS and Varsity levels on Wednesday, with swimmers returning in every event for Friday’s finals! Shannon O’Brien’s 100 back swim marked the first CIF Automatic cut of the season for our team, and no doubt she’s saving something for finals! Finalists for Varsity include Annika Gilboy (A for 200 and 500 free), Sydney Hong (B 200 free, A 100 breast), Katie Barnhill (A 200 IM and 100 back), Sophie Kuehler (A 50 and 100 free), Mona Stone (B 50 free and 100 free), Shannon O’Brien (A 100 fly--with a new CIF CON--and 100 back, CIF AUTO), Pleia Hall (B 500 free) and Sydney Avery (B 100 breast). Kyra Barker (fly) and Jasmine Wu (back) are in alternate positions. The prelims relay teams consisted of Barnhill, Hong, O’Brien and Kuehler (200 medley), O’Brien, Barnhill, Stone, and Kuehler (200 free), and Hong, Gilboy, Wu and Stone (400 free relay).

The FS squad will showcase top seeds on Friday with Emma Nerad in the 200 free, Julia Schwedock in the 50 free, along with the 200 free relay team of Schwedock, Frances Caflisch, Nerad, and Haley Viviani. Joining Nerad in the 200 free are Haley Viviani, Daina Reimanis, and Kaitlyn Kennedy, making half of the heat Costa! Emma and Kaitlyn will also take lanes in the 100 free final. The 100 IM will see Isabelle Chiu and Danielle Gonzales, with Isabelle returning for the 50 breast and Danielle for the 50 fly. Nathalie Young will swim the 50 free, and Schwedock, Nerad and Kennedy the 100 free. The 50 back will feature Frances Caflisch and Daina Reimanis. Alternates include Emma Anderson (50 free), Carolein Abdelmalak (100 free), and Ashley Cole (50 breast). The 200 medley and 400 free relays have top three seeds into finals, with the teams of Gonzales, Ashley Cole, Anna Real, and Reimanis, and Schwedock, Caflisch, Nerad, and Viviani, respectively.

Well done, girls!!!!

South Bay Invitational BOYS Prelims: The Frosh/Soph boys had a GREAT day in the water today!!! The relay teams move forward into Friday’s finals seed first in each!!! In the individual events we had a NEW MEET RECORD set by Andrew White in the 100 backstroke!!! The FS crew is returning to finals in every event: Liam Cook and Alex Nahabed in the 200 free; all four MCHS entries in the 200 IM led by Andrew White, seeded first, with Henry Anthony, Jack Kittay and Alex Luo returning as well; Devon Hagstrom and Barron Regan in the 50 free; Henry Anthony as first seed in the 100 fly; Patrick Lucas and Alex Nahabed in the 100 free; White and Alex Luo in the 100 back, and Ryan Dulong and Bryce Lyter in the 100 breast. The relay teams were composed of Luo, Lyter, Anthony and Kittay (200 medley relay), Patrick Lucas, Anthony, Nahabed and White (200 free), and Patrick, Kittay, Nahabed, and White (400 free). EXCELLENT JOB for our younger swimmers!!!

Varsity will also see action in the finals: Ian Campbell and Mark Warnecke coming back for the Championship final in the 200 free; Nate Griffith in the B 200 IM; Ed Jeon leading the seeds for the A 50 free, with Forrest Wu in the B final and Spencer White tied for first alternate; Mark Warnecke in the 100 free A final, and Nate Griffith in the 100 free B final; Ian Campbell in the 500 free A final; and Ed Jeon seeded first in the 100 breast, with Finn Pardon in the B final. Two relay teams will return on Friday, with Campbell, Mikey Portis, Jeon and Griffith earning a spot in the A final of the 200 free relay, and Portis, Griffith, Spencer White and Warnecke in the 400 free relay. Let’s see what they’ve saved for Friday!

MCHS v Huntington Beach High School: In our first dual meet with OC school Huntington Beach, the Mustang ladies had their first sweet taste of VICTORY with an 89-81 win over the Oilers! The other Costa squads, including the Varsity boys, JV and FS teams, were left to bask in the reflected glory of the Varsity girls. The Oilers brought a strong group of swimmers to challenge 117 members of our team. Varsity winners (* denotes CIF consideration cut) included Katie Barnhill and Ian Campbell (both in 200 IM* and 100 fly*), Annika Gilboy in her first 500 free of the season, Sydney Hong (200 free), Ed Jeon (100 breast*, and season best in the 50 free*), Sophie Kuehler (50* and 100 free), Mikey Portis (50 free), the girls 200 free relay* team of Hong, Mona Stone, Julia Schwedock and Jasmine Wu, and the boys 400 free relay* team of Mark Warnecke, Portis, Nate Griffith, Campbell (although rumor has it not necessarily in that order! Ahem!). Respectable finishes were also seen by the girls 200 medley relay* team of Barnhill, Hong, Nathalie Dinsdale and Kuehler, along with the boys 200 free relay* team of Campbell, Portis, N. Griffith, and Jeon. JV victors in individual events included Carolein Abdelmalak, Liam Cook, Danielle Gonzales, and Levi Griffith, while the boys 200 free relay team of Hogan Webb, Carter Sprouse, Cook and L. Griffith beat the JV Oilers to the wall. In FS event winners were Faye Amato, Quin Nguyen in two individual events, George Rochelle and Samantha Wergeles, with the girls 400 free relay team of Morgan Kelley, Wergeles, Julia Jue, and Nguyen taking top honors. Huntington Beach is hoping to host us at their pool next year! Could it be an ALL TEAM road trip???

MCHS v Palisades Charter High School: St Patty’s day 2015 marked the first-ever tri-level meet at Costa, with over 120 of our swimmers competing! LA City Section powerhouse Pali brought their formidable team on an expectedly cool day. Our Varsity Girls made the strongest showing among our teams, with 69 points to Pali’s 101. Top finishes included Varsity stalwarts Katie Barnhill (200 IM, 100 fly) and Ed Jeon (100 free, 100 breast), who both swam CIF consideration times in their individual events, along with the girls medley relay team of Barnhill, Sydney Hong, Shannon O’Brien, and Sophie Kuehler and the girls 400 Free relay team of Kuehler, O’Brien, Mona Stone, and Barnhill. Sophie Kuehler also earned a CON time in the 100 breast with a 2nd place finish, and Ian Campbell swam two CON times in the 200 and 500 free events, both 3rd place finishes. The boys relay teams made two CON times with the 200 free team of Campbell, Mikey Portis, Andrew White, and Nate Griffith, and the 400 free team of Mark Warnecke, Portis, Griffith, and Campbell, both teams finishing 2nd to Pali. Among the JV and FS teams we had one winner: Ty Panitz in the boys JV 100 back!

Many swimmers tried new events this meet, and BEST TIMES for this season for returning events were made by Carolein Abdelmalak, Luqmann Abdul-Cader, Emma Anderson, Sydney Avery, Kyra Barker, Frances Caflisch, Ian Campbell, Isabelle Chiu, Peter DaGiau, Nathalie Dinsdale, Matt Faustgen, Danielle Gonzales, Devon Hagstrom, Jared Haim, Pleia Hall, Sydney Hong, Ed Jeon, Cole Keefer, Madison Lindley, Alex Luo, Bryce Lyter, Brianna Manyweather, Kohei New, Shannon O’Brien, Anna O’Connor, Ty Panitz, Hayley Pickard, Mikey Portis, Daina Reimanis, Julia Schwedock, Tim Shannon, Beau Staso, Nick Vu, Justin Watts, Andrew White, Forrest Wu, and Natalie Young. (this list is actually longer—swimmers added to events after the initial electronic entry show as NT, and are thus not flagged (*) as ‘improved’ in the meet summary)


MCHS v Santa Monica High School: On May 12th we welcomed SaMoHi to our deck for our first dual meet of the season. SaMoHi took both Varsity Divisions, while Costa dominated in the Frosh/Soph Divisions. Winners in the Varsity races included Katie Barnhill (200 IM and 100 fly, both CIF consideration cuts), Ed Jeon (50 free and 100 breast, both CIF con), Ian Campbell (100 fly, CIF con), and freshman Sophie Kuehler (100 free, CIF con); Lauren Nielsen, a sophomore transfer from Redondo, swam a CIF con exhibition time in the 200 IM. The 200 free relay team of Annika Gilboy, Sophie Kuehler, Sydney Hong, Shannon O’Brien earned a CIF con cut, along with both of the winning 400 free relays (Kuehler, O’Brien, Mona Stone and Barnhill for the girls; Campbell, Andrew White, Jeon and Mark Warnecke for the boys). The FS onslaught began with the Girls 200 Medley team of Maddy Hoye, Sydney Avery, Jasmine Wu and Julia Schwedock, followed by wins in the 200 free events by Haley Viviani and Henry Anthony (and again in the 100 fly), the 100 IM and 50 free by Jasmine Wu, the 200 IM by Alex Luo (and again in the 100 back), Hogan Webb in the 100 free, both 200 free relay teams (Isabelle Chiu, Danielle Gonzales, Emma Anderson, and Haley Viviani/Henry Anthony, Liam Cook, Alex Levin, and Barron Regan), and both 400 relay teams (Viviani/Avery/Chiu/Gonzales and Webb/Jared Haim/Ethan Chalk/Luo). It was a beautiful afternoon of racing, with the team showing lots of promise for better things to come! 

GREEN & GOLD: On May 5th all our swimmers participated in the intrasquad GREEN v GOLD meet at the Varisity and Frosh/Soph levels, with all events seeded by our Team Captains! We saw some very nice swims, including several CIF consideration cuts by Katie Barnhill, Ian Campbell and Ed Jeon. Other Varsity standouts included Emma Nerad, Henry Anthony, Annika Gilboy, Lauren Nielsen, Mona Stone, Mark Warnecke, Alex Luo, and Sydney Hong. The Frosh/Soph division was led by Emma Anderson, Jack Kittay, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Patrick Lucas, Beau Staso, Jenny Stout, Maddy Hoye, Ryan Dulong, Jasmine Wu, and Liam Cook. The event finished off with pizza for all!


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Bay League Championship
   Girls Varsity: 2nd Place  /  Boys Varsity: 2nd Place
Girls F/S: 1st Place  /  Boys F/S:  3rd Place
Prelims and Finals Results

MCHS vs. West Torrance
   Girls Varsity 92-77   /   Boys Varsity: 123-46

MCHS vs. Redondo Union
Girls Varsity 116-41   /   Boys Varsity: 92-69

MCHS vs. Palos Verdes
   Girls Varsity 117-52   /   Boys Varsity: 93.5-76.5

MCHS vs. Peninsula
   Girls Varsity 56-114   /   Boys Varsity: 61-109

2013 South Bay Invitational
   Girls and Boys Varsity Results
   Girls and Boys Frosh Soph Results

MCHS vs. El Segundo
   Girls Varsity 118-52   /   Boys Varsity: 120.5-49.5


2012 Swim Meet Results


Bay League Championship

South Bay Invitational

Girls Varsity: 2nd Place  /  Boys Varsity: 6th Place
Girls F/S: 1st Place  /  Boys F/S:  3rd Place  

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Girls swimming sweeps the Bay League for the first time

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Beverly Hills Invitational

Girls Water Polo 2014

Mira Costa Girls Water Polo Upends Upland to Advance to First CIF Final
By Tony Ciniglio, The Daily Breeze
Mira Costa's Kaylee Brownsberger (12) shoots over Upland's Jessica Sapp (13) in the 11-10 win over Upland in the CIF Southern Section Division III girls water polo semifinal in Irvine, CA. on Wednesday, February 26, 2014. There was no doubt about the extreme focus and determination of the Mira Costa girls water polo team heading into Wednesday’s CIF Southern Section Division 3 semifinal in Irvine.

Perhaps it was a bit too intense.

The Mustangs had their sights set on advancing to the program’s first CIF girls water polo final, wanting to leave no detail overturned. Consequently they nearly psyched themselves out.

“We overthunk that game a little too much,” Mira Costa coach Jon Reichardt admitted.

Ultimately second-seeded Mira Costa came together and did just enough to upend Upland 11-10 Wednesday at the William Woollett Center to advance to Saturday’s 7 pm final against top-seeded Los Osos (23-9).

“It’s really amazing because we’ve never done this before. Knowing that we have the potential to win the school’s first CIF girls water polo title is a great feeling,” said Mira Costa goalkeeper Katy Heatherton, a co-captain. “We earned it. We deserve it after all the hard work we put in. We all played well and we were focused for this game.”

Mira Costa (24-7) knows it is in the midst of a groundbreaking year, but it is not content to just make it to the final.

The Mustangs want more.

“I’m really excited, but we need to remember we have one more game to win,” said Mira Costa’s Jordan Raney, a Stanford recruit. “We need to keep our minds focused and not dwell on this win. We need to worry about winning on Saturday, mentally prepare for it and visualize it.”

Mira Costa displayed an impressive array of long-distance shots and nifty lob shots.

With Raney drawing double and triple teams, the rest of the Mustangs delivered a balanced and consistent attack.

Kelly Giery scored four goals. Kaylee Brownsberger recorded three goals. Cami Ruiz provided two timely goals, and Raney and Isabella Magno also scored.

Heatherton made 11 saves, including some impressive fourth-quarter stops.

“All year long, we have had people step up when we’ve needed to pick someone up,” Reichardt said. “Cami Ruiz hit some big shots today. Karlee played well. Katy played really well. It was a good team effort. Everyone did what they needed to do today to get the win.”

Ashley Paz led Upland (21-6) with three goals. Sydney Scott, Brit Harris and Teagan Hamel each scored twice, and Jessica Sapp added a goal.

Mira Costa and Upland were neck and neck in the first half and Mira Costa held just a 5-4 halftime lead.

Eventually Mira Costa began to break away in the second half and opened up an 11-7 lead with 1:47 left before Upland’s last-gasp comeback. But Mira Costa was able to run out the clock and move on to the next round.

“We came in and had worked hard all season, so we knew we just had to keep our heads down and play to the last second,” Giery said. “I think we did that today.”

Brownsberger said the chemistry and camaraderie on the team was a major factor in overcoming a fairly slow start.

“I thought we responded well,” Brownsberger said. “We kept our minds in the game and we worked as a team.

“We had some nerves, but we worked through them because we know each other so well. We know when to shoot and when to pass. We all worked well and communicated well.”

Reichardt said there is one defining factor that separates this year’s team from previous squads.

“I think our team chemistry is some of the best we have ever had,” Reichardt said. “Our two captains (Raney and Heatherton) have been great. The girls support each other. If someone is not doing well, everyone else steps up.

“We could’ve lost this game, but we stuck to our guns and did what we needed to do.”

Sat. 2/22, Mustangs defeat St. Lucy's 10-4 in CIF Southern Section Division III Quarterfinal!

When Mustang center Jordan Raney is double teamed, the Costa attackers have made the opposition pay this season. On Saturday, St. Lucy’s discovered this first hand when six players scored for Costa. The balanced offensive attack earned the Mustangs a 10-4 victory and a berth to their first CIF Semifinal since 2006. Standout performances were made by Claire Bendig (2 steals and a sweet assist) and goalie Katy Heatherton (pictured above) who had one of the best games of her career (11 saves, including a key penalty shot block). Goals were scored by Giery (2), Magno (2), Brownsberger (2), Le (2), Ruiz and Raney. The Mustang's also played tough field defense as pictured below by #13 Yen Nguyen (Fr).

Next up is Upland High School on Wednesday 2/26 at 3:30pm at Irvine High School (William Woollett Jr. Aquatic Center). The Upland Highlanders beat Peninsula (10-9) and Harvard-Westlake (12-7) in the first two rounds of the CIF Playoffs. A special thanks to the Mustang fans that attended Saturday’s game in force. The signs, pompoms and cheers made a difference. The Mustangs need your support on Wednesday for the semi-final showdown. Come one, come all and come early…the game starts at 3:30pm!

Banquet...Sat 3/22 (5:30-9pm) at MB Marriott, SAVE THE DATE!!...all players and family

Wed 2/19, Mustang's Win First CIF Game 13-3!
The #2 ranked Costa team jumped started their CIF Playoff journey with a win over Rancho Cucamonga based Etiwanda. The Mustangs rocketed out to a 10-1 lead at halftime and were led by Raney (6 goals) and Geiry (3 goals). Senior goalie Katy Heatherton was solid in the goal blocking 9 shots in the first half. During the final two quarters Coach Reichardt played all members of the varsity team to give them valuable playoff experience. Eleven Mustangs got shots during the game and goals were scored by Raney (8), Giery (3), Magno and Brownsberger.

The Mustangs move on to the CIF Quarter-Finals and will play Glendora based St Lucy's on Saturday 2/22 at Costa. Game time will be at noon or prior.

Thank you to all the fans that showed up to support the Mustangs. A special thanks to the Frosh-Soph and JV team members...great signs!!

Check out The Daily Breeze game coverage here.

Costa Beats Warren & CIF Playoffs Start Wednesday
Valentine's Day was sweet for the Mustangs. The girls beat a talented Warren team 11-10 at Downey HS. The game served as a competitive warm-up for the CIF Playoffs, which start on Wednesday 2/19. Warren, playing at their home pool, jumped out to a 5-2 lead after the first quarter and were up 8-5 at half. Mustang goalie Katy Heatherton was a wall in the second half blocking 8 shots and Costa outscored Warren 6-2 to win the game by one. Costa closed another tough game with superior conditioning, depth and defense (see the attached picture). Leading the goal scoring for the Mustangs were Raney (5), Giery (4) and Magno (2).

The Costa JV squad also finished the day with a victory over Warren, winning 7-4. Saralyn Troeger scored 3 goals and goalie Marisa Catella had her best game of the year with over 10 blocks. The final game of the day saw the Mustang F-S team fall 1-10, however, there is a ton of talent on the team ready to move up and lead Costa to victory next year. The future looks bright for the Mustangs.

The Mustangs finished the regular season 22-7 (8-0 in Bay League) and are ranked #2 in CIF Division 3. To win a CIF Championship, you must win 4 games. The Mustangs path to a Championships begins...schedule >>

Wednesday 2/12, Piper Scores & Mustangs Win Bay League!
After years of injuries and a positive attitude, senior Piper Asten scored in the final league game of her career. Way to go Piper! (Piper is pictured on the left advancing on a counter). The Mustangs rolled to a 15-4 victory at Redondo to conclude their Bay League matches. Costa finished undefeated at 8-0 for the first time in 8 years. The team jumped out to a 9-3 lead at half on the back of Jordan Raney's 7 goals. The second half provided playing time for the entire varsity team and 5 players scored. For the game, goals were scored by Raney (7), Magno (2), Brownsberger (2), Fitzgerald (2), Asten and Le. The Mustangs conclude their regular season on Friday against Warren.

The Costa team is ready for the CIF Playoffs and will know their first opponent on Sunday morning when the playoff bracket is announced... Game #1 is Wed 2/19 (TBA) at Costa...tell all your friends to come and cheer!

Monday 2/10 #2 Ranked Costa Sinks Peninsula 11-8 on Senior Day!
The Mustangs were a little off their game in the first half shooting just 36%. Peninsula was looking to be the spoiler of Costa's recent success and elevation to the #2 ranked team in CIF Division 3. Fortunately, the Mustang offense surfaced and the team shot 60% in the second half to seal the victory 11-8 and move to 7-0 in the Bay League. A win on Wednesday against Redondo will complete the girl's first undefeated league season in 8 years. Throughout the season, someone has always stepped up to score goals when the team was in need. Against Peninsula is was the Sophomores, Kaylee Brownsberger (3 goals) and Yen Nguyen (2 goals) who stepped up. Other goals were scored by Raney (4 goals), Giery and Magno.

At the conclusion of the game, the 7 seniors were honored for their 4 year contribution to the Mira Costa Aquatics Program. Coach Jon Reichardt presented each girl with a yellow rose and the entire team celebrated with cake. Thank you seniors!! Pictured from left to right are Claire Bendig, Jordan Raney, Katy Heatherton, Taylin Kamimoto, Piper Asten, Megan Harger & Amy Fitzgerald.

Big Win at So Cal Champs (2/6-8)!!
The Lady Mustangs beat #2 ranked Harvard Westlake 8-6 at the So Cal Championships (2/6-8)! The win should move Costa up to the #2 spot in CIF Division 3. With the CIF Playoffs a little over a week away, the Mustangs are peaking at the right time. The 3 day / 5 game tournament started with a game against Division 1 powerhouse Los Alamitos, a team that has beaten Costa by 10+ goals the last 4 matches. Thursday the Mustangs came to play and were in the game until the end falling 5-8.

Friday the sun came out and Costa beat Cabrillo 10-3 and Carlsbad 10-4. Junior Kelly Giery had a breakout game against Carlsbad with 6 goals. On Saturday, the Mustangs squared off against Long Beach Wilson and played even with them until the half when Coach Reichardt pulled the starters to set up a final game against Harvard Westlake. The #2 and #3 ranked teams were even after the first (1-1), second (2-2) and third quarters (5-5). Costa showed their superior depth and conditioning in the fourth quarter and pulled out the big win with a final score of 8-6. Junior Isabella Magno had a career day with 5 goals. The leading scorers for the tournament were Raney (12), Giery (10), Magno (6), Ruiz (3), Brownsberger (2), Ventura (1) and goalie Katy Heatherton scored a goal from 25 yards!

The girls have three games next week against Peninsula (Mon 2/10, 3pm at Costa), Redondo (Wed 2/12, 3pm at Redondo) and Warren (Fri 2/14, 3pm at Downey). On Monday 2/10 after the Peninsula game (4pm), the 7 Costa seniors will be honored for their contribution to the Aquatics Program. Come cheer for the Mustangs and honor the seniors...Piper Asten, Claire Bendig, Amy Fitzgerald, Megan Harger, Katy Heatherton, Taylin Kamimoto and Jordan Raney.

Wednesday 2/5, Mustangs Blank West 12-0
The girls did not let a last minute venue change, a shallow bottom and 5 missing teammates slow them down. The Mustangs rolled to a 12-0 win against league opponent West Torrance. Senior Captain goalie Katy Heatherton had 12 blocks and her second shutout of the season. Scoring was balanced with 8 players finding the back of the net. Amy Fitzgerald and Stacie Romero scored their first goals of the season and additional offense was provided by Giery (3), Brownsberger (3), Bendig, Magno, Ruiz and Le. Next up is the So Cal Championships (2/6-8) where the girls will face America’s best teams.

Monday 2/3, Costa Beats #8 Ranked Peninsula 7-3
In a long overdue league game, the Mustangs relied on defense and held Peninsula to 3 goals on 11% shooting. Senior goalie Katie Heatherton was key to the defense blocking 11 shots. The tough defense was critical, as the Costa team had a poor shooting day scoring 7 goals on 25% shooting. The Mustangs are averaging 43% shooting thus far in the season and hope to get back on track on Wednesday against West. The team is now 15-5 on the season, 5-0 in Bay League and ranked #3 in CIF Division 3. Leading the team in goals were Magno (2), Brownsberger (2), Ruiz, Giery and Raney. Go Mustangs!

1/28 - #3 Ranked Mustangs defeat PV 9-8 in Thrilling Rematch
The Girls Water Polo team moved up from #6 to #3 in the CIF rankings after beating Ayala last Saturday. Palos Verdes, however, was not impressed and played even with the Mustangs in the first half (5 all). At the end of the third quarter, PV pulled ahead 7-6 and Costa was looking for answers. Finally, the offense materialized as Giery scored 2 and Raney got the game winner. Heatherton was solid between the pipes and goals were scored by Raney (5), Giery (2) and Ruiz (2).

The Mustangs have now defeated PV 3 times in a row since last season, and are now 4-0 in the Bay League and 14-5 on the 2014 season. The team has 10 more games in the regular season and the CIF Playoffs start on February 19th.

Go Mustangs!
Photos by: Robert Casillas / Daily Breeze

Friday 1/24 - Saturday 1/25
Mustangs Go 3-2 at America's Finest City Invitational

The team headed to San Diego last weekend for 5 games against a number of Top 10 teams in Southern California in the prestigious America's Finest City Invitational. To start the tournament, the team beat Great Oak (Div 2), lost to San Clemente (Div 2, #5) and lost to ML King (Div 2). On Saturday the team rebounded and beat Irvine (Div 1, #10) and Ayala (Div 3, #4). The game against Ayala was a signature win against a quality CIF Division 3 opponent. Ayala lost by one to Los Osos (Div 3, #1) in the morning and then the Mustangs (Div 3, #6) beat the higher ranked Ayala 12-5 in the afternoon. Senior Captain Jordan Raney had a breakout games with 7 goals. The win should move the Mustangs up to the Top 4 in CIF Division 3. All players saw action over the weekend. Senior Captain Katy Heatherton played well in goal all weekend and the leading scorers for the 5 games were...Raney (20), Giery (14), Magno (4), Brownsberger (4), Ruiz (2) and Le (1).

Wednesday 1/22, Mustangs Beat Redondo 13-4
Redondo stayed even with Costa in the first quarter (2 all), however, a 5 goal second quarter got the Mustangs on track and eventually a 13-4 win. All available players saw action and goals were scored by Raney (5), Giery (3), Brownsberger (3) and Magno (2). The girls are now 3-0 in Bay League and 10-3 on the season. The team is headed to San Diego this weekend for 5 games against a number of top teams in Southern California in the prestigious America's Finest City Invitational.

1/17 Costa 14 - Santa Monica 7: The girls had another strong first half (lead 10-3) and coasted to a 14-7 victory at Santa Monica HS on Friday 1/17. Everyone available played and goals were scored by Raney (6), Giery (3), Magno, Allen, Ruiz, Nguyen and Le. The girls are now 9-3 on the season and play Redondo at Costa on Wednesday 1/22.

1/15 Costa 20 - West 2: On Wednesday (1/15) the Mustangs overwhelmed West Torrance 20-2. All players were able to get in on the action and the scoring was shared by 8 players! Raney (5), Ruiz (3), Ventura (3), Nguyen (3), Magno (2), Le (2), Kamimoto (1) & Giery (1).

1/7 Girls Water Polo Defeats Palos Verdes 13-8!
Girl's water polo rivals Mira Costa and Palos Verdes squared off Tuesday for their first of two Bay League contests. The two teams have split games the past three years and shared the league title. Both teams are top 10 ranked in CIF Division 3 and winning the league title is key to a deep run in the playoffs.

The Mustangs jumped out to a 6-0 lead at half time and did not look back, winning the game 13-8. Palos Verdes took 42 shots and senior Costa goalie Katy Heatherton blocked the majority of them. The offense was balanced with goals by starters Jordan Raney (Sr, 3), Kelly Giery (Jr, 3), Isabella Magno (Jr, 2), Kaylee Brownsberger

(So, 1) and Yen Nguyen (So, 1). Off the bench, sophomore Cami Ruiz scored her first hat trick putting in a goal in each of the first three quarters.

The Mustangs are now 7-3 on the season and face league games against West, Peninsula and Redondo the next two weeks before heading to San Diego for th AFC tournament. The team is off to a solid start and should be in the hunt for their first CIF title in February.

2013 Boys Water Polo CIF-SS DIII Champions!

The #1 ranked CIF-Southern Section DIII Mira Costa Boys Water Polo team had to face #2 ranked Santiago for a third time this season to capture the CIF Championship, and the third time was a charm as the Mustang's won 6-5 in a thriller at the William Wollett Jr. Aquatic Center in Irvine on Saturday, November 23!

Corey Erikson broke a 5-5 tie with 2:40 remaining in the fourth period and the Mustang defense held strong the rest of the way, with the help of goalie Nick "Wingspan" Dale, to capture their fourth CIF-Southern Section Championship and first since 2006. It was their fourth championship in six CIF championship appearances.

Corey Erickson, Drew Rogerson and Andrew Todd had two goals each for the Mustangs. After the midway point in the 1st period, the Mustangs locked down on defense and Nick Dale made 11 saves. Costa totaled 20 steals in the game, including five each from Austin Norris and Andrew Todd. Ed Jeon and Drew Rogerson had three steals each.
Santiago was just 1 for 7 on 6-on-5 situations.

The Mustangs finished the season with a 27-6 overall record and the tough competition throughout the season paid off as they continued to improve down the stretch and played their best water polo in the CIF Tournament.

Mira Costa defeated Corona 17-7, South Pasadena 8-3 and ML King 15-10 on its way to the title game.

Boys water polo finished up the first week of CIF playoffs with wins against Corona and South Pasadena. Wednesday's first round win against Corona was led by Drew Rogerson with 7 goals, matching all goals by all of the Panthers. The Mustangs are the top seeded team and showed their command of the water with a 17-7 victory over their inland competitor.

On Saturday, before a full house, the Varsity put on a clinic, lead by Nick Dale's efforts in goal and a hat trick by Austin Norris, trouncing South Pasadena Tigers, 8-3.

Next stop for the Mustangs is semi-finals on Wednesday at the Woollett Aquatics Center in Irvine.
They will face the Riverside's MLK High School at 3:30.

The 23-6 Mira Costa Boys Water Polo team had a very successful week to complete the regular season. On Monday (11/4), they defeated CIF Division 1 power Loyola 6-2, and followed that up on Tuesday (11/5), by defeating a tougher than expected Redondo team, 14-8, to go undefeated in the Bay League at 8-0.

The Mira Costa Boys Water polo team (20-6 overall / 7-0 Bay League) had a very busy week of play clinching their second consecutive Bay League title, as well as playing tough non-conference teams in preparation for the CIF Southern Section DIII tournament.

The Mustangs opened the week with a 10-6 non-league win over South Pasadena on Monday (10/28), and followed up on Wednesday (10/30) with a 16-4 victory over Peninsula to clinch the Bay League title.

The boys ended the week of play participating in the Steven Pal Memorial Water Polo Tournament in Orange County. The Mustangs opened the tournament on Friday with a 12-6 win over Troy. In the nightcap, the Mustangs lost 9-6 in a hard fought contest with tournament host and D1 power Rancho Santa Margarita. On Saturday, Mira Costa opened the day losing 7-6 in a shootout to DI Carlsbad. Costa followed with a dominant 9-4 victory over DIII #1 ranked power, Corona Santiago. The Mustangs ended the tournament with a nail biting 9-8 loss to La Jolla that was not decided until less than a minute left in the contest.

This week the Mustangs will face non-league rival Loyola today, Monday, November 4, and close out the Bay League season against Redondo (at Redondo) on Tuesday, November 5.

2012 Girls Water Polo Results


Overall Record (6 - 3)       Bay League Record (0 - 0)

9 - 6 win vs Capo Valley at Capo Valley on 12/18/12

9 - 4 win vs Esperanza at Costa on 12/8/12

11 - 10 win in double OT vs Arroyo Grande at Costa on 12/6/12

5 - 14 loss vs Los Alamitos at Costa on 12/4/12

5 - 8 loss vs Villa Park at Bob Benson Memorial Tournament on 12/1/12

10 - 7 win vs Mission Viejo at Bob Benson Memorial Tournament on 12/1/12

12 - 7 win vs Costa Mesa at Bob Benson Memorial Tournament on 11/30/12

8 - 9 loss in sudden death overtime vs Cerritos at Bob Benson Memorial Tournament on 11/29/12

12 - 0 win vs El Capitan at Bob Benson Memorial Tournament on 11/29/12

2013 & 2012 CIF SS Swim Results History

2013 CIF SS Results

2012 CIF SS Results