Donations Welcome

Costa Water Polo welcomes any additional donations throughout the season/year.  The funds we raise through our various programs help offset the cost of coaches' stipends, equipment, busses for travel to games, and many other things. In addition to volunteers to run the snack shack, host dinners, and help with other events, any cash donation of any amount is very much appreciated.  Please use this link or contact PJ Harari, Anne Koloziej or Bernie Zaia for more information.  

NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete

About MCHS Aquatics

MCHS provides (3) distinct sport opportunities – Boys’ Water Polo, Girls Water Polo and Boys & Girls Swimming. BWP is a fall sport (beginning in late August, continuing through mid-November). Girls Water Polo is a winter sport (beginning late November, continuing through mid-February). Swimming is a spring sport (beginning in February, continuing through May).

How do I get started?

If you are a current student, incoming freshman or new to Mira Costa High School, you sign up to participate in any of these sports when you select your classes for each semester. BWP & GWP are 1st semester courses and Swimming is a second semester course. All (3) aquatics sports are 6th period PE classes (more information on actual times below). Coaches for these sports are advised of your interest in the sport via these class sign-ups.

Can I sign up for water polo or swimming both semesters?

Water Polo is only offered first semester for both boys & girls. With approval of the Varsity Swim Coach, a discreet number of swimmers may sign up to swim both semesters. These swimmers must work out and swim all year, not just during swim season

Can I still play water polo or swim if I didn't sign up when I chose my fall classes?

You must be enrolled in 6th period PE in order to play a sport. You need to contact your education advisor as soon as possible to see if your schedule can be changed. You can sign up for swimming when you select your classes for second semester.

Is there a try-out and do I need previous experience?

There is not a try-out for either boys' or girls' water polo, but all prospective and returning players are encouraged to participate in the summer water polo program as a prelude to the fall or winter season. This program is administered through the Summer School Program and our off-season organization and is completely optional. Players are required to register for summer school, pay Summer Fees & be current members of USA Water Polo to participate in Summer League. Experience is not expressly required, but some previous play experience and basic knowledge of the game is encouraged. Experience and skill will dictate team placement and play time. There are (3) levels of play – Varsity, Junior Varsity and Frosh/Soph. Frosh/Soph are the development team. All (3) teams have separate play schedules.

Swim team try-outs are held just before the start of the second semester (usually in mid-January). All prospective swimmers try out for team placement and must have knowledge of basic competition strokes and technique. There are (4) levels of participation and competition. Varsity, Junior Varsity Select, Junior Varsity, & Frosh/Soph. Varsity and JVS are the primary competition teams and compete at both home and away meets JV swimmers may be invited to compete on relay teams at home meets and Frosh/Soph swimmers are strictly developmental and do not compete.

How do I make a particular team?

Players are placed on teams based on skill, experience, commitment, adherence to team policies, attendance.

Can I move up or be dropped down during the season?

Occasionally a player or swimmer will be moved up or down from their team depending on performance or some significant change in any of the original team placement factors.

Are there specific scholastic or other requirements participation requirements?

All participants of any of the aquatics sports must meet both MCHS & CIF requirements for participation in any sport.

When and where are practices held?

Practices are held in the pool, weight room, track, and occasionally the beach. The team that is currently in season has priority over pool scheduling, requiring the other teams to accommodate those needs. During a team's season, the team has use of the pool in the morning from 5:30 to 7 am, in the afternoon from 2 to 6 pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturday mornings as well as for any scheduled weekend events. There are specific practice times for teams that are announced at the start of each season.

What happens when my sport is not in season?

Water polo players whose teams are not in season during the 1st semester report to PE for 6th period and practice or work-out during that time period Monday through Friday only. (This applies to girls from the start of school until November and for boys from November to early February) Extended practice schedules or other times are not scheduled during this time for these teams. Year-round swimmers also report to the pool during 6th period. 2nd Semester swimmers should be enrolled in another 6th period class (PE or other) if they are not year-round swimmers and are not required to report to the pool during 6th period until the start of the 2nd semester.

How much time is required?

F/S, JV teams can expect to practice 5 days a week for two hours a day – 10 hours to 12 hours per week. Varsity teams can expect to practice twice a day for about 3.5 hours, 5 times a week and one time a day twice a week for 2 hours - 20 to 23 hours a week

How can I support the team?

We are lucky to have a “no cut” Aquatics Program at Mira Costa. In order to continue to provide this, we rely on donations from parents and sponsorships from local businesses and the community. These efforts are spearheaded by the Mustang Aquatics Boosters, with support from Manhattan Beach Athletic Foundation.

Mustang Aquatic Boosters. Our tri-sport family organization was founded in 2002 to provide financial support to our programs. The boosters cover the costs for assistant coaches additional duties, equipment (goals, balls, timing pads, timing equipment, fins, etc.), non-league tournament & league fees, motivational events, clinics, awards and some facilities maintenance not covered by MBUSD (awnings, lane lines, scoreboards).

The MBX Foundation was founded in 2002 to provide ongoing financial support for physical education and athletic programs in the Manhattan Beach Unified school district. MBX stepped up in 2009-10 academic year to save team sports at Mira Costa. Faced with federal, state and local budget shortfalls, team sports at Mira Costa were facing elimination. MBX began the administration of a donation based program that has allowed Mira Costa to continue offering these programs (unlike many of our neighboring schools). The donation covers a portion of the coaching fees, transportation (buses), facilities maintenance, safety equipment, the athletic trainer, any CIF or league fees, athlete insurances – all costs formerly part of the school district budget. 

The Boosters and MBX have become fully integrated. The Boosters will manage the budgeting, fundraising and communication with the Aquatics Community. MBX will handle the administrative side, recommended vendors and large sponsorship solicitations.

What is the best way to get information about these programs?

We have a combined website for Boys & Girls Water Polo and Swimming which is This is you best source for information. Each sport has their own set of pages and are clearly identified on the site's navigation bar.

Who are the Coaches and/or members of the Mustang Boosters Board?

See the contact section of this website.

BWP Registration for the 2020 Season

Register for Boys Water Polo 2020 Fall Season. Just Click on this Link for directions on how to fill out the online registration forms. For returning players with an account, you can go directly to the sign in page here.

You also need to have the Physical Form and the Athletic Emergency Card completed and returned to the secretary in the Administration Office by Date TBD. Click on a link to download a copy of the Physical Form and the Emergency Card