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Varsity Team


Varsity Team


Junior Varsity Team

2019 Varsity

Team Trip


Frosh-Soph Team

2019 CIF

Quarter Finals

2019 Hawaii Invitational









Boy's Photos
Please check enjoy these photos and sharing sites from our parent photographers. We are incredibly blessed to have these talented volunteers capturing these images of our athletes during our season. Thank you so much! Feel free to upload images. We need all kinds of photos for the year end banquet!
DD Bartley  
MCHS Water Polo
Jen Martin 
You can use this link and log in to upload any photos you take during games.
The login is:
Password: JVFS2019!

Girl's Photos
Nicole Tibbetts
Girls Shutterfly

Girls     Boys
Girls 2021 update   

POLO Forms
Please see registration update on Home Page for the latest updates - there may be additional forms needed in 2020-21

MBX Foundation
Frequently Asked Questions
Athletic Clearance Packet

MCHS Student/Athlete

Mira Costa Calendar At A Glance


Boys & Girls Water Polo Weekly Update (as of 02/25/21 @ 7:40 PM)

Wear shoes to and from pool deck, and keep your distance when walking. 

VERY IMPORTANT – If you can’t make your practice time, you must contact Coach Reichardt 24 hours prior.


Athletes - check Google Classroom on Non-Training Days.  Any changes/cancellations to practice (for weather or other reasons) will come via the REMIND APP.

IF you have NOT received the RUVNA text/email then please fill out the google form with all the info on it and Coach Reichardt will forward it to the district.   The text/email goes to the parent not the player. The parent fills in the form and forwards the QR code to their athlete who shows it to the coach at practice.

Games are on for Saturday 2/27/21 - These are all HOME games.

11 am JV girls

12 pm Varsity girls

1 pm JV boys

2 pm Varsity boys

Teams and arrival times and procedures will be sent out Friday.
No spectators at this game.

The state and LA county recently updated protocols. When the numbers go to 14 per 100,000 we can start playing water polo games Feb 26th until March 16th. Swim will now be on hold until the end of March for those on swim team. There are some items like everyone needs to be tested on a weekly basis that I need to clear up with the admin but that will be something we will have to do. This is good news as I believe that we will get a season of some sorts. Kids need to stay at home, no traveling etc.. Abide by the rules. We will redo the training schedule for next week  as we will be going more days per week, more hours and  hopefully get some games in.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SAT
BV 3:30-5pm 3:30-5pm 3:30-4:30pm TBA
GV 2:30-4pm 2:30-4pm 2:30-3:30
BJV1* 5-6:30pm 5-6:30pm 4:30-5:30pm
GJV1 2:30-3:30pm 2:30-3:30pm
BJV2* 5-6pm 5-6pm
BFS1 2:30-3:30pm 2:30-3:30pm
GJV2* 4-5 pm 4-5 pm
Congrats to our own Captain/Senior Maiken Pardon on being selected for HB CITY OCEAN Lifeguard Academy - 2021.
CONGRATULATIONS - SIGNING DAY 2020! (updated 12/6/2020)

Please join us in Congratulating our 15 Mira Costa Athletes 
who will continue their sport at the next level:


Aidan Aguilar-Loyola Marymount- Baseball
Nick Bacura-Santa Clara University -Baseball
Madeline Bonanni-UCLA-Women's Beach Volleyball
Amanda Burns-Loyola Marymount-Women's Indoor Volleyball
Nicholas Butler-Quinnipiac University-Men's Lacrosse
Jackson (Jake) Carter-USC-Men's Water Polo
Emma Fong-College of the Holy Cross-Women's Softball
Ava Gallien-USC-Women's Beach Volleyball
Thatcher Hurd-UCLA-Baseball
Alexa Langlois-Tulane-Women's Beach Volleyball
Tasman Mullins-Dartmouth-Women's Indoor Volleyball
Natalie Myszkowski-UCLA-Women's Beach Volleyball
Piper Stevens-Dartmouth-Women's Indoor Volleyball
Collin Tournat-UCSD-Men's Water Polo
NIkki Underwood-Duke-Women's Indoor Volleyball

New Additions:
Kai Scarlet - Loyola Marymount - 
Men's Water Polo

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