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Girls Water Polo Team


Varsity Team


Varsity Team

2019 Varsity

Team Trip


Frosh-Soph Team

2019 CIF

Quarter Final

Alumni Game src=""

Girls Water Polo 2020-21

Girls Water Polo


Girls Water Polo





Boy's Photos
Please check enjoy these photos and sharing sites from our parent photographers. We are incredibly blessed to have these talented volunteers capturing these images of our athletes during our season. Thank you so much! Feel free to upload images. We need all kinds of photos for the year end banquet!
DD Bartley  
Mira Costa Water Polo 2021
MCHS Water Polo 2019
Jen Martin 
You can use this link and log in to upload any photos you take during games.
The login is:
Password: JVFS2019!

Girl's Photos
Nicole Tibbetts
Girls Shutterfly

Girls     Boys
Girls 2021 update   

POLO Forms
Physical Form 2021-22

Athletic Clearance Card 2021-22

MBX Foundation
Frequently Asked Questions
Athletic Clearance Packet

MCHS Student/Athlete

Mira Costa Calendar At A Glance


Season Schedule/Spectator Health Form (updated 09/14/21 @ 11:00 am)

Boys Schedule - Revised - as of 9/9/2021

Spectator Health Screening Link - Fill this form out and be prepared to show it on your phone to attend any event at Costa - updated as of 9/14
Practice Schedule (as of 09/19/21 @ 8:00 pm)
Info below from Coach Reichardt:
Practice Schedule
Boys water polo schedule for week of 9/20

Varsity  6-6:40 am 2 - 2:40 video, 2:50 - 4:15 pm pool, Team Dinner 4:45 pm
JV 3:30 dryland 4-5:45 pm pool
FS 5:45 -7:15pm

Tuesday - 
Varsity  6-6:40 am
Varsity 2:10-4:30 pm pool
JV 3:30 dryland 4-5:45 pm pool - Team dinner 6:15 pm
FS 5:45 -7:15pm - Team dinner 7:30 pm

Wednesday Game at Belmont Plaza Long Beach - no bus - drive/carpools
FS game 3:15
Varsity to follow
JV to follow

Varsity 6-6:40 am pool, 2:05-3:45  pool
JV and FS 5:45 - 7:15 pm

Varsity In San Diego 1st game 1pm - on deck at 12 pm
Brian Brent Memorial Aquatics Complex Pool 1
FS 2:05 - 3:00pm pool

Varsity in San Diego
BWP SCRIMMAGES & GAMES - WEEK OF 9/20/21 (updated 9/19)

We encourage players and parents to come and watch the other teams play - each guest must bring a new completed health form to enter the pool every day they visit. 

Games do not always start exactly at the stated time.  If everyone is ready, games may start early, and other times there are delays.  Enjoy the snack shack while you wait!

Games/Scrimmages Schedule - week of 9/20

Wed 9/22
Costa at Long Beach - game at Belmont Plaza - no bus - drive/carpools

FS game 3:15 (on deck time per coach instructions coming to players)
Varsity to follow
JV to follow

Friday 9/24
Varsity In San Diego AFC Tournament
1st game 1pm - on deck at 12 pm

Brian Brent Memorial Aquatics Complex Pool 1

Saturday 9/25
Varsity In San Diego AFC Tournament

Note - schedules and rosters come straight from the coaches - complete with any misspellings - so if you ever need/want a correction, please let them know directly.  I just cut and paste - I make no changes so as not to make any accidental changes/deletions.  
Boys Water Polo Weekly Update (as of 09/19/21 @ 8:00 pm)
San Diego Varsity Tournament (9/24 - 9/25)
Schedule of games for America's Finest City AFC Tournament is attached.  Boys need to be on deck at 12 noon for a 1 pm game on Friday, 9/24.  Expect to leave South Bay before 10 am to arrive on time - go to Brian Brent Memorial Aquatics Complex - Pool 1.
Note that the hotel has free wifi but parking is $30 per night in addition to the cost of the hotel room.  You should receive your confirmation email from the travel agent Laurie Arvida on Sunday evening 9/19.  
Chipotle Fundraiser
Several times a year we have a restaurant that partners to give back to the water polo program.  Next Wednesday 9/29 from 4 pm - 8 pm - every meal ordered at the Chipotle in Hermosa that mentions boys water polo/shows the attached flyer will provide 33% back to our program.  You or your friends - anyone who orders and mentions Boys Water Polo - so spread the word.  We raised between $200 to over $650 from each of these types of events during 2020 - thank you Jennifer Murphy for being so great at getting these organized for us!  
Follow the directions on the attached flyer for online orders - or show the flyer if you are going in to order.    FLYER
1439 Pacific Coast Hwy 
Hermosa Beach
Wednesday, September 29th 
4:00pm - 8:00pm 
Bring in this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the cause to make sure that 33% of the proceeds will be donated to Mira Costa Boys Water Polo Team. 
Use code NGWJHQX before checkout in ‘promo’ field. 
Orders placed on or through the Chipotle app for pickup using this unique code will be counted towards the fundraiser.  
Boys water polo schedule for week of 9/20 - from Jon Reichardt

Varsity  6-6:40 am 2 - 2:40 video, 2:50 - 4:15 pm pool, Team Dinner 4:45 pm
JV 3:30 dryland 4-5:45 pm pool
FS 5:45 -7:15pm

Tuesday - 
Varsity  6-6:40 am
Varsity 2:10-4:30 pm pool
JV 3:30 dryland 4-5:45 pm pool - Team dinner 6:15 pm
FS 5:45 -7:15pm - Team dinner 7:30 pm

Wednesday Game at Belmont Plaza Long Beach - no bus - drive/carpools
FS game 3:15
Varsity to follow
JV to follow

Varsity 6-6:40 am pool, 2:05-3:45  pool
JV and FS 5:45 - 7:15 pm

Varsity In San Diego 1st game 1pm - on deck at 12 pm
Brian Brent Memorial Aquatics Complex Pool 1
FS 2:05 - 3:00pm pool

Varsity in San Diego

Team Dinners (with locations and times)
Thank you to the Tate, Herzer, Linnell and Martinez (Doria) families for hosting the boys and coaches with Chipotle Chicken Burritos! 
Monday 9/20 @ 4:45 PM
Casa Tate
941 13th Street 
Hermosa Beach
Thank you to the Biegert, Kwon and Ingram families for hosting the JV boys and coaches for their first dinner of the season from Hummus Factory.  
Tuesday 9/21 @ 6:15 pm 
Biegert home  
2001 John Street
Manhattan Beach
Thank you to the Kim/Feng, Shaefer and Johnson families for hosting the first F/S dinner of the season with In-N-Out Burgers!  
Tuesday 9/21 @ 7:30 pm 
Kim/Feng Home
465 30th Street
Manhattan Beach
Swim Tryouts
(For questions please contact Darcey Diaz (Swim Booster President)  at:
Items to note for water polo players interested in swim tryout:
  1. Tryout is same day as boys' awards banquet (12/3) but we will be done in time.
  2. Water Polo Athletes need to resubmit additional copies of paperwork and fill out 8to18 for swim (water polo paperwork and 8to18 does not carry over to swim, they need to do it all over again).
Dear Swim & Dive Team and Prospective Swimmers
I hope you are all settling back into your school routine and enjoying being back on campus.  Although we are a Spring sport, it is time to start thinking about swim tryouts already! We have our 2021-2022 season tryouts scheduled for Friday December 3rd 2021, 3:30pm – 5:30pm. We will most likely split the tryout swimmers into two groups to avoid crowding and you will be advised nearer the time which group you will be in. 
Swim & Dive is a cut sport, and we will have a Varsity squad (boys varsity and girls varsity), a JV squad (boys JV and girls JV) and an Alt squad for swimmers who are not guaranteed to swim at competition but will train as part of the team. All swimmers must try out to be considered for a roster spot.  If you swam with us last year, thank you and welcome back, but you still need to try out. Previous year’s roster placement does not guarantee the same placement in the coming year, rosters are drawn up based purely on times of those who try out.
In order to try out, you must complete the following:
1.     Register on: and click on the button marked ‘Registration’. This is for new swimmers only. Previous swimmers on the team can bypass this step as you already have an account with us. Registration will close at the end of the day on Saturday November 20th.  When registering, please note the following important points:
·      If you have a Team Unify account already for a different sport or team (club swimming, water polo, etc), you still need to create a new Mira Costa account and you should use the SAME password that you have for your other Team Unify account(s).  
·      Make sure you include a cell phone number and carrier (where it says SMS) – this is important so we can send texts to relay urgent last minute changes to training schedules, etc.
·      Parents: please make your Team Unify account in your swimmer’s name, not yours. It gets really difficult to track down which account relates to which swimmer when different last names are involved.
2.     Complete the 8to18 registration for athletes (current fall sport athletes need to add SWIM to their 8to 18: This must be completed by Friday November 19th.
3.     Once you receive an email back from us stating that your registration is approved, or if you are a returning swimmer, you need to log into your account, scroll down the home page and click on the link for ‘2022 MCHS Swim Team Tryouts’. Click ‘Attend/Decline’ and select ‘yes’ from the dropdown menu.  All swimmers at tryouts must swim the 100 yard freestyle as well as 100 yard stroke of your choice. Select the 100 free and the stroke of your choice from the available events and add your best times for both your 100 free and your stroke choice if you know them in the notes box at the top. This will aid us greatly in seeding tryouts. Save your changes before exiting. 
4.     You need to submit a PAPER copy of your completed physical form, signed by a doctor, as well as your emergency card to the front office. There is a table set up just inside the doors to the left. Physicals are valid for one yearfrom the date of the exam and must last for the whole season, so they cannot expire prior to June 2022. All paperwork is due before the Thanksgiving break, by Friday November 19thNO EXCEPTIONS! The Athletic Department needs time to get everyone processed.
Swimmers who have not completed the above steps will not be able to try out! The earlier you get this process completed, the better, so there is time to address any issues. Please get started now! The biggest delay is caused by obtaining a physical.  We are working on getting more free physicals, but if you can get into your primary care physician in the meantime, please go ahead and do that and don’t leave it until the last minute. Swimmers with no physical on file are not eligible to participate. The above deadlines are firm: if all of the steps are not completed, there will be no tryout and no spot on the team! We do not have the ability to add late entries to tryouts.
A message from Coach Halushka:
Please consider the following before you try out: 
  1. This is a team sport and a class on your transcript. A commitment is required.
  2. This is a cut sport.  
  3. You will receive a letter grade on your transcript based on attendance and participation.
  4. You must attend the swim meets and meet the weekly practice minutes / class requirements (the “class” starts in January and goes until the end of the 2nd semester).
  5. Coach can drop you down a team level, lower class grade and potentially drop team member from team/class if they do not attend the meets and practices.
Be prepared to make a substantial commitment to the program if you are to make the team.
If you have any registration questions, please contact our Booster VP, Darcey Diaz at: and she will assist you.
Please also follow us on Instagram at: miracostaswimdive to stay in touch!
Thank you so much, good luck to everyone and we will see you on deck!
David Halushka, M.A. 
Special Education Teacher
Mira Costa High School
1401 Artesia Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 318-7337 x5198

Team Dinners 
Original Info and Link:

Every year our water polo families host our teams at the beach, in a park, in their homes, at a restaurant, etc for Team Dinners. Great time for the players to bond. Please sign up to host a dinner. You will be providing food for players and coaches. Most of the time the boys eat quickly and run home to do homework, so it is not an all-night affair. The dinners are immediately following the Costa practices, so 4:45pm for Varsity/JVT and 6:15pm for JV and 7:30 pm for F/S. Any questions, call Lee Tunila at 310-614-0396.
--Sign up for Varsity:
--Sign up for JV and F/S:

All Mondays @4:45 pm - 5:45 pm
  • 9/13
  • 9/20
  • 9/27
  • 10/4
  • 10/18 
JV / Frosh/Soph 
Tuesdays (except for one Monday) @ 6:15 pm for JV and @ 7:30 for F/S
  • 9/21
  • 9/28
  • 10/11 (Monday)
  • 10/26
 Thank you,
Old Info kept on here:
COVID testing 
Fully Vaccinated Athletes ​eligible for exemption from weekly ​​COVID testing 
All parents and students at Mira Costa received an email on Thursday, 9/2 from Jennifer Huynh, Vice-Principal entitled Updated Athletics COVID Testing Protocols If you have any questions or have any issues with this process​​, please contact the administration directly

Snack Shack
Please sign up here 

Talk to 
Mike McGinley or 
Greg Lesser 
if you have any questions.  
Game Schedule
Game/Scrimmages are being finalized - we will release the schedule as soon as we have it - but anticipate there will be changes throughout the season to the times of games or games (especially with COVID scenarios that could impact).  We will have updates to you via REMIND most quickly (and then with email with a little delay).    

Varsity will be participating in two tournaments - not all Varsity players will attend both.  We are working on securing blocks of rooms at more favorable rates for families - boys must have an adult with them to travel:

  • Santa Barbara Sept 9 - 11 (depending on schedule we may not need to arrive until 9/10)
  • Coronado/San Diego Sept 24 - 25
SAVE THE DATES for Water Polo Events
August 14 (Saturday) Frosh Soph Mixer @ 2-5 pm -  a casual intro event for Sophomore boys to greet incoming Freshmen.  Parents are welcome to stop by and meet coaches and Board members but mostly will be the boys. Location North of Hermosa Beach Pier / pizza served.  

August 21 (Saturday) Mandatory Introductory Breakfast @ 9 am.  Location: Mira Costa pool.  Information about the whole season will be presented by coaches.  For all parents and athletes.  Families usually sign up to bring food - we will see what COVID protocols allow for this year.

August 27 (Friday) - Parent Party @ 5:30 pm - 10 pm Location: The Raker's House (thank you El, Charley and Sam) - in Manhattan Beach.  Casual, fun gathering for parents to get acquainted.  Adults only.  A small fundraiser for the program - there is a fee to cover food and drinks.  

August 28 - 29 (Saturday - Sunday) - Varsity Trip - depart @ 8 am for an overnight sailing trip to Catalina hosted by the Herzer family.

December 1 (Wednesday) Senior Dinner @ 5:30 pm Location: TBD (generally a private house).  Seniors and their parents only - hosted by a senior family.  Create senior video.  

December 3 (Friday) Awards Banquet @ 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm Location:  The Harrison's house (Thank you Stacy, Ron and Ethan).  There is a fee to cover food and drinks except for graduating seniors.  
As always... more information to come.   

Follow Costa Water Polo

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